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[05/5/2005] Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

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THe only thing is you really suck at this game if you get owned by the 1st boss 4 four time :P I beat him at first try in Normal....although barely :P

Yeah... After that 4th asskicking, I started to pay more attetion to the color of his eyes, since that's usually a dead giveaway of what he's about to do next. His charge attack is still almost impossible to see coming.


Besides, my skills were almost nill since it had been so long since I played the first DMC (Stuck on Hard against Griffon. Damn that bird. so I quit playing after a few tries. Need to pick it up again.)

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I thought it was a solid review.  If I had to critique it, I'd say it might not have been critical enough - but if you really liked the game that much, then one wouldn't expect it to be terribly critical, right?


All in all, an excellent review.  I felt informed enough to decide to give the series a chance, while not feeling like I'd been run down by the fanboy bus.

Yes, I I thought many times while writing the review "Am I being too lenient with this game?", but like I said in the closing paragraph, no matter how hard I ried to find faults in the game, I couldn't.


Sure, others might disagree, since opinions vary.


Seriously guys, get the OST. It's awesome.


i have this game :) + :) its awsome man , lol but hard as shizzle i cant do it on easy O.o lol dont even talk about normal more like lol great game though

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very good review, although daeval is right about the 'fanboy bus'. Some people buy the game just because it looks cool, and then put it down when they can't handle the difficulty. However, as such Agozer was right in including the game's style as an important part of the review.


However, i will knock the gameplay for being a little unbalanced, and the difficulty is unbelievably frustrating. (Note - i finished DMC 1 on Dante Must Die Mode, so i'm no ass). On DMC3 Normal I died once on the Hell Vanguard (level 2), six times on Cerebrus, twice in mission 4 (most notably in the Chamber of sins when I accidentally point-blank shotgunned a bomb enemy) and more than ten times on mission 5. I'm currently on level 8 (just unlocked Devil Trigger). I've screamed in frustration at being gang-banged by seven demons, or to be comboing one only to have another teleport across the room to attack me from behind. Also, being only able to use some special moves at any given time (only able to switch styles between missions) makes me feel like i'm being shortchanged.


DMC 1 is still the best, but DMC3 is still very good, as you could hopefully tell from this very good review. :(

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I'm at Mission 18 or some such on Easy. A point of advice for you: This mission will make you tear your heart out. Vergil 2 battle is also quite difficult.


And yes, even on Easy, the game is frustrating at times. Gameplay masochists will find the Hell they want, but casual gamers should avoid it if they can't handle the difficulty.


btw, what was Mission 5 about?

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