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Capcom teases gamers with countdown clock

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TOKYO--The official Capcom Japan Web site was furnished with a countdown clock this past weekend. The page is adorned with an animated cherry blossom and Japanese-language text that translates to "countdown to the decent of Yousei." Yousei translates to "suspicious planet." The timer should reach zero this coming Saturday, April 23. GameSpot will cover additional news on the Capcom project as it becomes available.


hmmm anything out there that can hint us on what this can be? im hopin its somethin street fighter related, but of course it aint gonna happen. i hope it aint that classic capcom collection that theyre releasing but im sure its somethin bigger than that...

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Shacknews and VE3D own you.


But I remember the Blizzard countdown..everyone was so excited and hoping it would be StarCraft II or Diablo III but it turned out to be StarCraft: Ghost. How disappointing.

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I have stopped reading gaming news sites, since I get all possible information from here. The only place I go to is The MagicBox, just because of the screenshots, nothing more.

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