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The Warriors


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I just crapped my pants at the thought of running around 70's new york whoopin' the baseball furies ass as Ajax or Swan :P


if you've seen the Warriors then you are exited. if you haven't seen the Warriors you suck anyways :D


can you dig it?



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Oh wow, this could be really good. I remember seeing this movie years ago when me and my friends rented the VHS from one of those 2nd hand video rental places. It's out of business now. :P


But I think this movie is too obsure and/or old for most people here to have seen. If you can, see it, it's fun.

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yeah it's available on DVD now. I've prolly seen The Warriors 100 times over the years. I want to read the book but I think it is out of print. :P

being from Rockstar and based on GTA it shoud be good. just plug in the characters and storyline and bam! this game is at the top of my "must buy at retail" list.


"who are the Warriors? there must be some word.

I want ALL the Warriors, I want them alive if possible,

if not WASTED. But I want them.

send the word."

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