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I've come across what might be a new emu called UberNES.


Has anyone heard of it?


I've dl'd a copy, and it starts up. I know nothing about nes, so someone will need to tell me what to do.


I won't provide any links right now in case it breaks a rule.



it maintains a games database

it has box art

maintains high scores which can be merged with others across the net

you can enter game genie cheat codes

you can use the joypad to select and run a game


this is for version 2 revision 4

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This emulator is fairly new, but it's more than 2 months old already. It's pretty good, but I don't use it myself.

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Well, first you need to "audit" your files, it's for the emulator to recognize the games that it has support for high score posting.


It works just like your typical emulator except you can upload your scores on their website.


It's kinda neat to compete for high scores on old games. Gives it a little point.

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nes lol its so old :o but classical... i know that emu is new but all i want is sumink that plays them lol save's score's and poop thats awsome and puts em on net i will download it.... will it work 4 mario

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