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Heres a little of what NTL said



The statement continued: "ntl will only be contacting the small percentage of customers whose use of the service PERSISTENTLY exceeds normal levels, thereby potentially reducing the overall product performance for THE VAST MAJORITY OF other customers".


Magnis kill them...

Everybody kill them...

Sooner i get my new job the sooner i get speed on the net...And the sooner i can ditch those pathetic freaks...

Its sad really is it not? :D

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does this rationing apply to 600kbps users too, i only got mine in Nov because bt evening&weekends dial up rationed to 3 hrs per day. I only signed up because they said they never needed to ration, the backstabbers



you actually believed BT LOL they will say anything to get you to sign up. most ISP limit you in england Except Aol. reason being they are more expensive and dont promise you network stability and reliabilty. Basically you sacrifice a 96% perfect connection for more ontime. ive been using them for about almost a year now and im happy they never hassle me, send junk mail and they dont cap me. plus apart from the occasional disconnection it now problem. ill wait to see what they do now cause ive got dsl and the cheaper AOL package.

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