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Sorry about the long speach but i wanted to get this hard drive from ebay and i wanted to know if something like this could play copied or burn games?



Key features


Fully modified to work with any Xbox

Performed by experienced electronics techinician

Simply the best drive for Xbox


No modchip required

No Y-splitter cable required

Volume knob and audio jack removed for better fit

Custom pin header installed for your Xbox yellow cable

Used high graded materials for wiring and soldering

Eliminates common "DIRTY DISK ERROR"

Reads 4X faster than any stock drives

Reads orignal games (Xbox brand)

Reads CD-ROM -- CD-R/-RW

Reads DVD-ROM -- DVD-R/-RW


Step by step Modification


Tested in PC for readability and full functionality before proceeding to the modification process

Flashed with appropriate firmware so drive can read Xbox games

Front motor reversed to correct polarity

Volume knob and audio jack removed for better fit Xbox

Custom 12-Pin header installed to receive Xbox yellow power cable

Custom 12-pin header joins are sealed with silicone for better protection

Wire soldering and rerouting are all DONE so drive will work with Xbox

Tested in Xbox Console for full functionality

Tested in Xbox Console with actual game play

Sealed and wrapped with bubble liner ready for shipping


Below is manufacturer general product description of this DVD drive before modification




Samsung 16x DVD-ROM Drive


Add access to a variety of media to any computer system with this Samsung SD-616 DVD-ROM drive. The SD-616 features a 16x read speed for DVD media and a 48x read speed for CD media! The slick beige bezel is sure to compliment any beige computer case.


General Features


- Beige bezel

- 16x maximum read speed (DVD)

- 48x maximum read speed (CD)

- 110 ms average access time (DVD)

- 90 ms average access time (CD)

- 512 KB buffer

- E-IDE/ATAPI interface

- Motorized tray

- Horizontal or vertical mount


Front Panel Features


- Headphone jack

- Volume control dial

- Eject/Load button

- LED activity indicator

- Emergency eject hole


Rear Panel Features


- 2-pin digital out connector

- 4-pin analog out connector

- IDE interface connection

- 4-pin power connector

- Mode select jumper


Supported Disc Formats






- CD-R






- Photo CD

- CD-Extra

- Mixed CD

- CD Text

---------------------Thank You

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ok, first off thats a DVD-ROM not a harddrive ;)


the samsung 616t when modded make it into the xbox version of the drive and when that is done, the drive won't read at 16x since the xbox firmware limits the speed to x4 as te normal xbox version of the dvd-rom.


its a ripoff in my eyes and i think you're better off getting a normal samsung or phillips xbox dvd-rom.


thought i'd also tell you that most samsungs have a hard time reading +R media so if thats a prob to you, i suggest the phillips or a brand new thomson

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is there anything wrong with your drive now?

or are you just trying to sidestep a mod with this? if that is the case no it won't work.

if your drive is bad do as Prican said and get a replacement that was made for the xbox.

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i highly doubt that dvd-rom can read retail discs as i only know 2 dvd-roms that can after a firmware flash (Samsung 616t and Hitachi-LG GDR-8163b)


older Thomson dvd-roms (not a hard drive 1InuYasha :afro: ) are well known for probs which is why most ppl would move on to getting a phillips or samsung since those last longer.

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