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Shadow Hearts 3


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Once upon a time, there was a game called Shadow Hearts Covenant. The game stood out from the crowd because of it's unique look and superb ratings from various video game sources. I tried convincing my cousin into getting the game but he suggested that since Midway was involved, the RPG would be crap. To this day, I think of him as a moron.


That said, I gave it a shot, after being immersed into the series fast plot, great story, unique characters and battle system, I now consider Shadow Hearts one of the best RPG's..ever. Now, I was so hooked, I picked up the first episode that was...not the prettiest. Despite the graphics, I too loved this game because of the characters and storyline.


Now the latest mention that Shadow Hearts 3 is being developed in Japan.


Thank you PS2, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Die Nintendo, Die Microsoft, Die Final Fantasy.


No screens have been released. It's far from being released in Japan, and chances of a stateside release is always dim...but I pray for this game to come.


So this is the countdown topic. Any bit of news that comes, I will savour the moment.

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I only hate Final Fantasy because the name itself draws so much people into getting the game, no matter how crap it is. Like, Final Fantasy 7+8+10 are good RPG's and everything, but when a great RPG like Shadow Hearts 2 comes out, no one bothers to play it. That's what makes me ticked off. Especially when you are trying to tell people about a new RPG, they won't like it unless it's SquareSoft, Namco, or Konami or whatever.


As I write this, RPG fans are probably like...yeah well, Shadow Hearts or whatever sucks really bad and XenoSaga or Suikoden or Final Fantasy whatever is the best. Wrong, SH2 is highly under appreciated and it's a greater game than Suikoden, XenoSeries, or Final Fantasy X/X2.


First Trailer


Edit: Yeah, it was just released.

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WOW! It was almost a year ago when I started this topic! WOOT, the third installment of this great series is about to get released in 2 days!


When the JAP version was released, I played 5 hours of it until I found it that XSEED was planning to bring it to America. Now the day has arrived more more RPG gaming goodness and Im excited. Although this game will obviously not be as good as #2, I am still expecting great fun.

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Yes, Shadow Hearts: From the New World will rule, even more so than Covenant did... and that's saying a lot.


There's still no official european release date (well gee, that's a flocking surprise), I think that we still have 2-3 months of waiting before SH3gets here.

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