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MAMEdOX goes final


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(BritneysPAIRS @ Feb 26 2005, 10:38 AM)

Ive compiled a best of 2.85 gigs (750 game) no double ups (or clones if not needed) all the best, none that run bad, no rubbish....... but not sure if people will want this or stick with complete rom sets




Will the best of 2.85 gigs (750 games) be released as well ?


I will definitely go for it... :(


Just waiting for the release... newsgroup will be the best choice to spread it heavily...


Best regards



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small remark about the gui of mamedox. i like it very much.

especially the golden favorites mode. but i would ask if its possible to display them in gold without using a bigger font size.



also i hope youll be able to implement the rom change title option. the gui would then be perfect.



ebsy and britneyspairs: keep up the good work. i cant hardly wait for your next release. -_-

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