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ad-ware ver 6


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AD-AWARE Is a good spyware remover...

You can also get "spybot"

this is an awsome pice of spyware remover...

I reccoend it highly, it sometimes gets the stuff adaware cannot...

trust me... got rid of the horribile task bars that had intermingled in my internet task bar...

good stuff.

ad aware and spy bot= spyware free computer.

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Thanks for the info Magnis  :D 


My last version of Adaware (the last version of 5.xx) didn't detect 185 items  8) I will also give spybot a try.


I hate spyware. I don't need any programs lagging down my connection. It's bad enough still having dialup  :)


Me to dude...One big clear out with those two bueties

and you back to peak performance..

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