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[1/31/03] The Last Blade

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Game: The Last Blade
Emulators: NeoRageX, Nebula, WinKawaks
Reviewed By: Emsley

I am the first one to admit that I am not a hardcore beat em up freak,

So you could probably review this game a whole lot better than me.

Well im going to try. [left:22933f119d][/left:22933f119d]
The last blade is set in old Japan/china [I dont know to be honest]

It sees you one on one in a sword slashing frenzy, either one or two players, you can keep your tekkens and your virtuas everything I need is in this game.
I love this game, I love the graphics the playability, characters everything is just so neo cream in this game.

Game play: Right from when the commentator says slash you are of,

The controls are as tight as you need and are not sloppy in any section of the game,

If you get cornered [something I hate in a scrapper] you can roll or slide out of the corner you were backed in to,

You chose your character and get to choose the system he or she uses, the systems available are power and speed

Opting for power leads to a
berserker last effort type attack on your opponent, if you opt speed your character is a lot faster in attacks and can chain combos together a lot easier than in power mode, all the characters have a combo and all are accessible in speed mode in you chose power mode they are not.

Sometimes you can be dominating an opponent only for the smeg head to get his butt in gear and wipe the floor with you, mid fight.

This fighter is the best I have ever played and I recommend you get the rom as soon as possible. [I would supply it but tripod will close me down


Graphics: This game rules in the eye candy department, its smooth and fluid to the point of perfection, wherever you are in pre fight stance or both jumping towards each other matrix style and not connecting with any hits.

The backgrounds are as lush as you need, from the water effects to snow falling from trees because you just laced your opponent sky word. [Spelling error there]

Sometimes you attack with your sword to see a lovely jet of blood emerge from your opponent, the one thing about this game is that it does make you feel like you are the character, it makes you feel as if you are on the mission to the show down with the final boss, the graphics pull you in and dont let you go until you turn off.

Sound: I have said it before and I will say it again, I love the sounds in snk games.

I love the crazy way each character mumbles iygowtiytactac after he/she has won a battle.

The swords connect with a delightful ching if you hit wood with a sword you get a clunk its little attentions to detail like that that make a great game in the sound department.

As far scrappers go the sound is good, and recreates what you would most likely hear if two people were going at it with swords and clubs

Replay value: I have not completed this game yet, and I have been playing it for over a month, I can lace street fighter alpha all you want but I cant beat this beast yet.

The furthest I have got is the battle before the boss [bosses im not sure]

The only characters I have even got close to even working out all the moves for are

Kaede and moriya.

This game will last you as long as you need no need to look else were unless its other snk scrappers.

Game play: 9/10 outstanding

Graphics: 9.5/10 close to perfection

Sound: 8.5/10 all you need in a scrapper

Replay value: 9/10 I still cant beat it

Overall: 9.5/10 this is neo cream

Get the rom from "emugateway the greatest collection of neo rage roms....Top prais to the site owner..respect.. :D



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damn propaganda

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What the evil bump and rom linkage.

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[quote name='Agozer' date='Aug 15 2004, 09:11 PM']What the evil bump and rom linkage.[/quote]
I thought linking to rom websites is banned. :ph34r:

Anyways, good review apart from the stuffed up pictures. :angry:

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[quote name='w@cko_J@C/<o' date='Aug 15 2004, 02:30 PM'][quote name='Agozer' date='Aug 15 2004, 09:11 PM'] What the evil bump and rom linkage.[/quote]
I thought linking to rom websites is banned. :angry: [/quote]
It is prohibited, but Emsley made the review last January.... the new rules weren't active back then and the admins/mods fon't have enough time to go through all the posts. Edited by Agozer

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