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Olaf wants your input!

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This whole misunderstanding could have been fixed very easily. There were two ways to go about doing that.


1.) Since you have moderating powers here, you could have moved this thread back to the News section and then posted something like this here "I know this isn't news, per se, but I would like to have this on the front page where everyone could see it." And then I don't think anyone would have moved it back because that would just be stupid and inconsiderate.


2.) Since you fixed the input problem, you could have made a 1.1c release and then in the news post about it post the input question and link them to this thread.


This is all just a misunderstanding about what goes in the News section and what doesn't. I hope you reconsider.

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1. Why the gamepad only support 4 buttons?

My gamepad have 8 buttons and I can't assign it to any

of my gamepad buttons. I am using a Rockstar.

2. There is no sound when I play Megaman 1. Even after i tick off the

mute selection. FCE-Ultra do not give such problem.

3. Game freeze halfway. Slowdown occurrs too in Megaman 1,2,3

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