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Donate to the Asia Quake Disaster!

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I've been very busy lately and have been meaning to post this for people who would like to donate for the people injured and killed in the Asia Quake Disaster.


Global aid organisations have launched urgent appeals for donations to help survivors of the Indian Ocean earthquake disaster including PayPal. Links are available below to donate for this horrible tragedy.


»» Donation Links

»» Donate via PayPal

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I donated to the Red Cross last week. If any of you have spare change laying around, anything and everything would be helpful.

I did the same thing, but as said, I'll help when I have something to help with.

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For all 1emulation members, i must say thank you for all your help.

For me and our country this was a great tragedy, after the explosion of krakatau in 188x [killed over 30,000] and now Tsunami in Banda Aceh killed over 100,000. I live in Central Java island, all i can do from here is only pray for people who die in the disaster and donating from my place.

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