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Garbage windows...


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well see, none of this was happening until about 2 months into this windows installations life


You hear this paraphrased ALL THE TYME when you're doing tech support, because people hear all sorts of horror stories about windows "going bad" and stuff. Don't get yourself hung up on it. Those stories are largely left over from Windows 95/98/ME and happen rather rarely in 2000 and XP. Most of the time, the problem is not on the "my operating system is rotting on my hard drive" scale. If the symptoms don't match your diagnosis (and they don't really in this case) then look for another diagnosis.


What software or even hardware have you installed since then? Even stuff you might have downloaded for a day and then uninstalled? Are you running or did you ever install any software firewalls (like zonealarm, blackice, etc) or spyware/adware scanners or blockers? Do you have the XP firewall disabled? It's more likely to be something like that that's messing you up.


For your hosts file, check here (assuming you're using XP):


Open hosts in notepad. There really should only be one entry, a line that says " localhost". Anything else is potentially blocking connections. It should be safe to delete all but that line, save, and then reboot the system to stop blocking whatever else is in there.


Ultimately, a format and reinstall might fix your problem, but it's probably not the Windows install itself that has gone bad.

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there is a chance that your problem is hardware related, i will read the htread more carefully when i get some time, but in my opinion is due to a piece of hardware that is amlfunctioning and about to die


you can start checking the ram and the hd via software, there are some ram checkers on the net, microsoft has a free one, please make sure to check the hd via soft too and please post your current hardware specs

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umm well not 100% but it has the highest detection rate of the virus scans out right now and i guess it could be my connection it does all of that except for the hosting thing and some other stuff i cant think of i ahve cable and i have a us robotics usr 8003 router


The hosting stuff, if you're referring to hosting games and things over the internet, is also if not especially related to your connection. :devilboy:


The vast majority of that stuff could be caused by your router if it isn't set up properly, a poorly configured software firewall such as zonealarm, or even the Windows XP firewall if you're using that (you may not even KNOW you're using that, it's sneaky). You need to get the right ports forwarded and triggered for different programs.


The FTP program issue could be the programs responding ungracefully because they can't get through port 21 (I think it's 21 for FTP, it's been a while). Other than that, I can't think of anything that would cause multiple FTP programs to screw up.


The.tk thing is odd, but might have to do with a bad hosts file somewhere on your system. Try traceroute-ing to a.tk and see what happens.


At any rate, none of the things you listed sound like the telltale symptoms of a windows install gone rogue. It sounds more like your internet connection is f-ed up somewhere along the line to me.


oh yess, you should try pinging and tracerouting a.tk domain, just go to start/run....


and type sth like ping www.2emulation.tk




tracert www.2emulation.tk


and since you typed it, visit the damned forums :(



anyway as I ws saying this might be related to a hardware component failing, it usually gives some realy nasty errors, did you have any problems installing windows or another application?


oh yes and check you have connected everything properly, i mean sometimes a cable or component can get loose....

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