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Extracting/Listening Music

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Simple Question - I want to listen to some music of my neo geo roms. I don't find any good sites with mp3's (If you have any, links please), so i want to know if there's any quite simple way to extract the music from the game or at least a simple way to listen to it.

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If you're using Kawaks, you have to place uni-bios.rom in the main Kawaks directory. Now, when you start up a game, press A+B+C at the boot up screen and that should bring you to a menu. Go down to Jukebox Player and just find the music and press play. You can then log the sound to wav which you will find in the audio menu.

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So long...

So i download it, and i've got this uni-bios.rom

I read the readme-file, but to be honest - i don't get it. What do I have to do now?

Then read it again, it's not that hard to understand. :blink:

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Is the quality the captured music is the same as official OST?

Should the configuration sound using 44 Hz?

I have AST for 96,98, Matrimelee, ROTD, AOF3, FFSpecial and OST for KOF2K2.

Still searching the AST for 94, 95, 97, 99, 2000. Found it in emuportal but the link is all dead...guhhh :P

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