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What did you play most recently?


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Dead Rising 2. Fun.


A game I was looking to play after my graphics card purchase, now it's vanished of my external drive I shit you not, i have had real bad luck since i bought the card and games screwing up.

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LA Noire I love the game what can I say


I'm mad bro, because you're playing the game already and I'm not.

He's always playing games before anyone else, because he's a pirate. Same with Inky.


Arrrrr mateys.

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Solid completes games before we even load them up, hats off to the lad wish I could!


Just got my mitts on Portal 2, fucking crakckign it was a pain in the ass who said there was TWO BIN FOLDERS assholes!!!

I loved the start up, and that bitch keeps making me laugh calling me fat and she is like "waddle to the next area!"

Got up to chapter two but quit out Im having a few beers tonight, cant play that shit when drunk I'll puke.

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