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Turning my Xbox in to a MAME machine...


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Is there anyone here who can point me in the right direction to learn how to run a MAME program on My Xbox? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


Edit: Any info about the Kawaks program on Xbox would be great too...




Before Anything, I need to know this...


Do I need to MOD my Xbox in order to use any type of emulator? If yes, go ahead and delete my topic...

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To better help you, we have moved this thread to the XBOX Emulation Section. :P


Oh, sorry about that... Thanks then!

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yeah you need a modchip or softmod. check out www.xbox-scene.com for all teh info you need on xbox modding and stuff.

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www.xbox-scene.com is the best site to learn everything needed.


The forums are a good place to gather information, plus there are a number of tutorials online.


Most likely if you have a question it's already been asked an answered somewhere in the forum...just do a search.


I use both a custom Mameox and FBA XXXteme on my arcade machine with a x-arcade development board for the controls. I also use unleashx for a menu system...it's a great setup for parties!



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