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How to replace the music in PC GUILTY GEAR XX #REL


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How to replace the music in PC GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD


This is fairly easy to do. It is very simple, you need some knownledge in audio encoding a bit to do so.


Whats needed:

CLI OGG Encoder (freeware) [Recommend dbPowerAmp + Vorbis CLI Ogg Encoder]

Audacity (freeware) (or something similar that can change the speed/tempo) [Recommend Audacity]

A selection of music.




I suggest backing up the original sound files before doing so. This is purely optional, but if anything goes wrong, you'll have a back up.


To keep things tidy, create another folder somewhere, call it "music" if you want too. I created 2 folders here, one where it will have the backup and the other that will hold the custom soundtrack.




Now there are 42 tracks used. Here is a list:


01 - Fuuga (Anji's Theme)

02 - Existence (Assassin)

03 - Make Oneself (Axl's Theme)

04 - Momentary Life (Baiken's Theme)

05 - Nothing Out of The Ordinary (Same Character)

06 - D.O.A. (Select Screen)

07 - Suck A Sage (Chipp's Theme)

08 - Go For It!! (Continue)

09 - Awe of She (Dizzy's Theme)

10 - The Original (Faust's Theme)

11 - Game Over

12 - Kagematsuri (I-No's Theme)

13 - Babel Nose (Jam's Theme)

14 - Liquor Bar And Drunkard (Johnny's Theme)

15 - Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) (Ky's Theme)

16 - The Midnight Carnival (Boss I-No's Theme)

17 - May's Theme

18 - Writhe In Pain (Millia's Theme)

19 - Feedback (Intro)

20 - Burly Heart (Potemkin's Theme)

21 - Haven't You Got Eyes In Your Head? (Slayer's Theme)

22 - Keep Yourself Alive 2 (Sol's Theme)

23 - Moontide (SOL vs Ky)

24 - Bloodstained Lineage (Testament's Theme)

25 - A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return (Venom's Theme)

26 - DOA (Versus)

27 - Simple Life (Baiken's Theme)

28 - Good Manners And Customs (Zappa's Theme)

29 - Feel A Fear (Eddie's Theme)

30 - ` Till Next Time (Arcade Ending A)

31 - Boom Town Blues (Arcade Ending B)

32 - Missing...(Arcade Ending C)

33 - Holy Orders? (ROBO-Ky's Theme)*

34 - Pride And Glory (Kliff's Theme)

35 - Meet Again (Justice's Theme)

36 - No Mercy (EX Sol vs EX Ky)

37 - Fatal Duel(GGX Arranged) (Same EX-Character)

38 - Still in the Dark(GGX Arranged) (EX-Millia vs EX-Eddie)

39 - Grief (Survival Mode Ending)

40 - Options

41 - Robo Ky Day*

42 - Robo Ky Night*


Robo Ky has 3 theme songs. The Day and Night themes is for normal Robo Ky and "Holy Orders?" is EX Robo Ky.


After choosing a selection of 42 tracks (I used #reload soundtrack to replace tracks 1 to 40 and Tool's "Laterlus" for Day and Metallica's "Ride The Lighting" for Night), the tracks can be of any length. Now this is the time when you use the Ogg encoder.




Choose the tracks you want by highlighting them all, and now once you have dbPowerAmp's converter installed with the Vorbis Encoder, right click and choose convert. Over here preferably you can keep the bitrate higher, maybe at 128Kbps. You can go higher if you want too, but thats just wasting space.


***NOTE: I screwed up my screenshot here, by all means, if you don't want the original files to be deleted, UNCHECK "DELETE SOURCE FILE(S) AFTER CONVERSION"








Rename each file so it matches the files your are going to replace

--Example: 01.ogg 02.ogg etc... as seen in the first picture


Now, there is a slight problem if you do not do this next step.

When you replace the files skipping this step, you music will play extremely slow.

This is how you fix it.


After downloading and installing Audacity[freeware program](and file renaming). Launch the app and load the sound file. You have to this one file at a time, and this is the most time consuming process.




After the sound file is loaded, highlight the whole track,




go to [Effects -> Change Speed]. Now change the number to 98.0




Now click ok. After the process, the track will be shorter then before. Now click [File -> Export as Ogg Vorbis] and save the file in the optional folder on where you will keep your music.




After all the selected tracks are fixed with the speed, just overright the current files in your GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD folder.


If you didn't notice, you cannot replace the opening. That is because it is an MPG Video file. To replace the song you must edit the video file and the music file to fit. This might come in another form of a tutorial or if I have space I will upload the opening.


Until then, enjoy the new music you've changed.

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Hey, is there any way to play PC Guilty Gear XX in English. I don't play the game at all now because I don't even know whats going on. Theres so much talking in the game but its all japanese. Please tell me theres a way to play it in English!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the music guide. I'm gonna add my own music in it.

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There is no way to make it english. What you see is what you get.



Damn man, why do mods sound so straightforward and monotonous. :(:P


Heres a patch for english story mode.


First change in main GGXX folder in Program files from "the square looking character before reload" to "#" now put the patch in there and install it. Tadaaaaaaaaa! :P:banghead:


That character is "#" in japanese.



Come on Agozer, a quick search on Google and looking around found me the patch. U didn't know it existed?


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Around Aug-4 or 5th, I found the patch. I've been playing it since, but didn't get time to post it on the forums. One time I tried but my internet got screwed up. So yeah, I didn't find the patch yesterday. I've been playing it for a while now. If you really knew that patch existed before me Agozer, why didn't you even tell me?

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Yes, Guilty Gear XX and it's variants are fighting games. Guilty Gear XX, GGXX #Reload and Guilty Gear Isuka are for PC and PS2 respectively (I don't know if there are ports for other consoles). They should be all in English, although I'm not sure about the PS2 version of Isuka. Probably it is.


Guild Guear XX Slash, GGXX Accent Core and GGXX Accent Core Plus have arcade and PS2 versions although I think that the PS2 versions are japanese only.

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