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kof2k and ss5sp


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i already have these two roms..but dont know how to make it run on my xbox...can somebody list the romset that i need for these two game in order to work in kawax or fbaxxx..or could tell me how to make these two work in kawax and fbaxxx..thanks

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If U use Kawa-X modified to support the last NeoGeo dumps, U 've to use fully decrypted sets : kof2knd & ss5spnd (see Kawa-X dat file & romsets info doc).

i mean kof2k3 not kof2k.. :)

i wonder how do you know its the right set (like crc number stuff) when SS5SP isnt show in the Kawa-X dat file..btw..i have the original samsh5sp rom..is do you have any patch that let me convert my rom to ss5spnd? thanks

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go here and there should be a post by mr. x that has a link to the roms/crcs listed: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...pic=10226&st=10


to make decrypted sets, plz refer to the pinned topic on doing so.


as for merging the v roms, theres many ways of doing this and the one i use is the old dos command which works on command windows as well: copy /b 271-v1.bin+271-v2.bin 271-v1d.bin

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