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Some people try too hard to compensate


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We repoed a Suburban from some car lot owner for the third time, and this time, I could have sworn it was a dealer's crap. It contained:


An expensive CD player (I forget the brand)

A 600-watt amp

A 500-watt amp

A big-ass sub

5-6 knives of various sizes and quality, and one of them had "NRA" on the blade. For the record, I pocketed the NRA one for laughs, and another one because it was good crap. The rest were junk, and so they got bagged.

One baseball bat

The guy's wallet, which contained nothing but credit cards, his DL and carry permit, and a bunch of business cards.

His key ring, along with a duplicate key for the ignition

An assload of other people's titles (He used to run a car lot)

One rechargable mini flashlight (With charger)

A 9mm glock that desperately needed to be clean, complete with a 15-round clip of hollow-tip bullets.


Among other things.


After bagging that stuff and taking it to the office, I emptied the clip into one of the trash bags, put the clip back in the gun, and put the gun away. This way, when the guy comes to get his property, he can't just pull the gun out and go psycho. For the record, his concealed weapon permit was in the wallet, so the gun probably isn't hot.


Ways in which he broke state firearm laws (Applicable to people with carry permits):


1. The chamber in the glock had a bullet in it.

2. The gun was within arm's reach.


I swear, this guy must be scared shitless of everything. He had his gun, bat, and knives strategically placed all over the burb, so that he could be within arm's reach of something no matter where he was in the vehicle.

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See, you have to be selective about what you swipe. The guy can't get his car back because of some agreement, and the sound system is attached to the burb. Therefore, he will not be able to get any of that back. Of his actual property, I only took two knives, which he probably won't notice immediately.

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