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Samurai Shodown Special using xbox


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How do I get Samurai Shodown Special working on xbox please? I have Samurai Shodown Special non working sound working on FBxx, and I have the fixed set but it does not work in FB,


I really want a kawa-x version if anyone knows where, please let me know / PM me.

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well the only ones i know that can play samshosp is the fba-xxx patch from djohng and gogo's latest fba-xxx release based on the old sets.


both tho don't use the latest m1 and since its a different size it might cause a problem.


as for kawa-x, unless someone bothers to hex out another game for it; its not gonna happen but you can try to replace with the samsho5 and see but the 512k size m1 will be a prob unless you hex it.


last option which is a good option so long you got xbox sdk/xdk and.net visual studio (don't ask for them) is you can complile fba-xxx to the way you want it :clapping:

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