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  1. Finally, a new version of the best free Saturn emulator Satourne has been released ! This version comes with tons of changes (mainly in the plugins) such as sound support and a much better compatibility - here's the long list of changes and notes for the emu and plugins: What's New : ›› Changed plugins specifications, old plugins won't work anymore. For plugin developpement use the new included headers ›› Added correct 4Mb cartridge emulation, final fight revenge and dungeon and dragons collection work. ›› Added a hack system specified in games_parameters.ini, mail me if you want some explanations on how to add hacks. ›› Many other things I don't remember.... http://satourne.consollection.com/ Nice work Fabien!!
  2. I use Winamp2 for MP3/Wav Files seeing its easy to use and doesn´t take loads of resources like some other proggys.. Then, I use Media Player for Movies because its nice and simple
  3. Yeah! NGemu has already put this News n their Site! Emulation64 is where all Nintendo news Appear first and this is not a Fake Emu.
  4. PC Games and Appz. Really there isn´t much more stuff to get.. Already have the N64, MD, GBC, GBA roms I wanted. Just need to complete my Saturn isos list
  5. I have a Powercolor Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB. I heard that even people with the last GF FX 5900 still drop to 30fps with P4 higher than 2.4GHz.. Specs: Athlon XP 2600+ with 2 x256 DRR333
  6. That is indeed a very nice site. It´s about time I find a link with useful info about the Giri Giri Hacked Emu.. Well, I guess I´m going to start testing a few games
  7. PC- Halo, MOHAA, MOHAA - Sperahead and Breakthrough Expansions and Moto Gp 2 One thing I don´t like is the requirements for Halo. Even in 1024x768 resolution the graphics dont really look like thy should. A Very good port from a Console is Chaos Legion. I se the deatil and FSAA to the max and it still goes a 60FPS whitou dropping a single frame. Now on Halo it drops to 30 fps without anti-alising... However I like the game very much. The same thing goes for all the MOH games. Breakthrough for now is the best I´ve played with a great Beggining and more detailed graphics.
  8. There is another problem.. The GF FX line cards have really heat problems, only the GF FX 5900 Ultra doesn´t have that problem.. You could however saved more cash if you bought a GeForce 4 Ti. It even gets better results in some benchmarks than GF FX 5600... And how many fans do you have in your case?
  9. http://www.t35.com/ http://www.wwwpuntocom.com You guys could also cheack this 2 hosts also. For free sites they are very good, fast and ready to get a site running
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