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  1. I must BETA TEST! No, seriously, I use WMB on a regular basis, I have one of the more expensive cards with the ralink chipset. Please?
  2. Milestone 2 and 3 have been submitted! Milestone2=Working connect/disconnect and send/recieve code. Milestone3=Working TCP/IP Stack, lets all hope for the best!
  3. Yeah, I figured the personal copy was to prevent anything unique to your ds to be overwritten. Thanks for the clearup.
  4. FlashMe completely rewrites the firmware. Since all this is is a firmware viewer, couldn't it be possible that all DSes with FlashMe have the same MAC adress?
  5. Man, this video is really what I wanted to see! Great job sgstair! Writing your tcp/ip stack... 80%? wow!
  6. alexa999


    I hope its before november so it comes out before the big N's wifi. If hes not done by then, the nintendo wifi will be hacked to do the same things.
  7. Ok sgstair, thanks for clearing things up. Jercos: I knew it was a library, I was just wondering what its capabilities were. sgstair: One more question, does the DS have enough range to connect to hotspots in restraunts, or your wireless router from anyone in your house? Or do you have to sit right next to your router, which would be pointless.
  8. OK, I know this will allow to do DS -> PC -> Internet. And Visa-versa. But will it also allow wireless multiplayer homebrew? And will it be incorptrated into libnds?
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