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  1. Got it all working now! DHCP works though it failed on the first attempt. Other than that and a few issues it looking pretty good! might release it tomorrow when i've had time to do a few tests
  2. Yeah you bastard! heheh Nice one btw! i've been holding off development on it cos i didnt particulary want to make work arounds for the missing stuff! Im glad its out now, now theres no excuse! P.s. my make files were such a mess i could do with starting that part again anyway
  3. doing it as we speak i just noticed the "insert links here" type box on the side...oops
  4. http://elhobito.blogspot.com/ Anyone whose interested in news about my various project should look here now in future, unless you have any kind of big questions....
  5. bafio's chat program is an libnds project not a palib one i believe so i'd like to know whether they would work together if compiled in but that would be pointless at this stage.
  6. discuss on this thread. http://teamnnc.free.fr/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=5208#5208 those pics are a bit old now but they will do
  7. Patience my children, streaming audio will come soon enough...
  8. Hi! I already made some code to read them in a struct, you can see here: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=82...er=asc&start=15 Bafio <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol wow i wish i knew that existed, would of saved me a lot of time from doing multiple firmware dumps to find it <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This has been well documented for some time so you should really have done a search first.
  9. i think he might be referring to apps that use udp natively such as streamed audio. i might have a go at that myself when i finish my current project...but then again theres a thousand things i wanna do!
  10. its encrypted and the public key is not know plus this is not the forum for this question since this has nothing to do with dswifi lib
  11. can't wait! im all set! (well by the time its ready anyhow)
  12. thanks i think i might have found a bug in the wifi since my progs crashing at the mo but i wont bother with it yet since i've yet to do any sort of investigation into the cause and as we all know its far from finished. i've been making a real idiot of myself recently! thats 3 times in row now i've post a question only to realise my mistake about 5mins later lol. You've probably got a point though i probably ought to have a read through my book just to refresh. For now though i'll get someone to independently verify this problem and try and get to the root of it (its probably my fault!) then i'll just leave the wifi part until the lib can mature a bit methinks, i'll c how it goes.
  13. i've tried everything i can think of but it wont work, i dont get it? i've basically have copied and pasted the original and this code but it wont work its says dest ip : (my comp) source (ds) port : 8888 but i get no response if(Stylus.Held) { if(Stylus.X>208 && (Stylus.Y>144)){ strcpy(sendbuf,text); sain.sin_family=AF_INET; sain.sin_port=htons(portnum); sain.sin_addr.s_addr=destip; sendto(sock,"test",strlen("test"),0,(struct sockaddr *)&sain,sizeof(sain)); } that pretty much a copy of sgstairs version but i've hardcoded a message in this case.(it was using a typed version b4) i noticed that yours says out and stevens says in which is odd but i swapped them and it made no difference. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Please note that in general you cannot send data from a 192.168.1.* address to a 192.168.2.* without a gateway system configured for the connection between the two seperate networks (I'm willing to bet you don't have such in place) This isn't rocket science, but it really really helps to have a solid understanding of networking... if you do have further questions, I'm more open to talking on IRC - see #dswifi on EFnet - I'm usually around. (Forums are good for lengthy discussions about topics that most parties understand well, but are not as well suited for teaching, etc - IMO) -Stephen <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yes i realised that almost as soon as i posted it. Believe it or not i actually have a degree in internet engineering so now i feel really dumb, i probably should have withdrawn that. You dont need to teach me about it but thanks anyway.
  14. no hence he has to steal his neighbours internet
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