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  1. got it working ok on nero now......thnx for the help guys tigermac
  2. normally i use alcohol to burn self boot cdi's and nrg images.......suddenly out of the blue its decided it doesn't want to burn nrg images anymore...it just says there's an error after 1% and then spits the disc out. after re-installing it's still doing it....so i've decided to give give nero 5.5.9 a try....i was just wondering what settings i should use to make sure the games burn ok? thnx in advance tigermac
  3. when i booted up utopia 1.2 it showed the dreamcast swirl and then the screen went black and said frequency out of range. i'll give 1.3 a blast and i've also got 1.5.....is there any other boot disks other than utopia i could try?? ive copied games that are self boot and they work ok so the copying can't be the problem tigermac
  4. can anyone tell me if there's a VGA boot disk....i've tried utopia v1.2 but that goes out of range.i cant be bothered to burn a load of different ones trying to get them to work. thnx in advance tigermac
  5. looky what i've found anyway stillcan't get it to run on kawaks....damn!! on one site site i say a dat with two p roms...but i can't find any rom which has these in.has anybody got that rom?? anyway there's the 75mb rom for you all...while it lasts! tigermac
  6. any links for the 75mb rom would be greatly appreciated!!(pretty please) there's a few mame's that are supporting ms5 floating around now,theres one called mame32+_bin lamer than i found on the forums at neo fighters. james-what do you think the problem with kawaks/nebula is....does mame emulate something that the others aren't.i can't really see a problem with the dat file for kawaks.i thought maybe playmore had added some extra encryption or something tigermac
  7. can anyone tell me what the quality of kawa-x is like on a tv....is it full screen,does it emulate scanlines?. my brother has an x-box and i've downloaded kawa-x,do i have to extract it on my pc and then burn it 2 disc or can i extract on the x box somehow.sorry asking dumb questions but i haven't got an x box so i'm not sure how to run emu's on it. thanks 4 your time tigermac
  8. here goes,i can't believe how many people like rage of the dragons.it's ok but nothing startling. 1.Garou:Mark of the Wolves 2.Metal Slug 2 3.Neo Turf Masters 4.King of Fighters 97 5.Power Instinct:Matrimelee tigermac
  9. a couple come to mind for me............ virtual on:oratorio tangram-quality sega mech game,twin sticks,you know the one sega rally2-best rally game bar none virtua striker2-quality arcade footy +every neo game that came to my local arcades tigermac
  10. has anybody noticed on there web surfing travels any hacks of mame which are supporting svc and kaillera net play.i've been using mame32k0.64 lately and the netplay runs a lot more smoothly than kawaks.....theres not so much desync that seems to be a prob with kawaks..... it maybe a good project for james who hacked his mame to include svc chaos to have a go at including kaillera support.or if he or any other poster who knows how to hack mame and whats required could email me with a description on the process(or a link were i can find out) i would be very grateful. email = tigermac2000@hotmail.com thanks tigermac
  11. i take it you've got the neogeo.zip file in the rom folder with your svc rom....sand i take it you've got xp.so when you try to start the loader right click on it and choose properties.then go to compatibility and choose run this program in compatability mode of windows 98 and me.press apply then ok and try again.now it should work.
  12. you're going to have to wait for a neorage x version.i wouldn't expect it to be too long though.i prefer kawaks though.......basically because you can play online. tigermac
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