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  1. long time no see cinder

  2. this is the funniest thign Ive read in a long time
  3. I would just turn wii connect 24 off and you can actually download the wii opera browser but Ive been unable to find a copy of the working updated version
  4. wow I acted like as ass hole in that post thanks for the nut kick I needed it
  5. my button just snapped when I saw that pic
  6. Oh man they are going to make another LOTR or Back to the futur pt4 didnt think michael j fox had it in him to do another one that would be cool.. I just watched xmen origins wolverine I found me a dvd rip of it I actually liked this movie put it above 1 and 3..
  7. Ive came and gone and came and gone ...is cinder still around, magnis too?? ....ahh Im a old man with a kid and a wife now Im back on the forums so I can contribute to the scene
  8. Look GAMECOP I cam back out of protest and look how long Ive been gone bro .. haha Just remember the emulation scene wether it be direct connect or these websites will keep growing and people need you to teach them about it
  9. I just watched old boy and then lady vengance both awesome
  10. mackmankilla add me I need people to play with that are good at Call of Duty Nazi Zombies also have map pack also play left 4 dead and halo 3 add me
  11. Hey cinder havent talked to you in a long time, I hope you are doing well. Im glad to be back on the emulation scene havent talked to anyone other then barnito from dc in a long time. Anyways I just wanted to say hi and tell gamecop hey too.
  12. I think a even better topic would be a poll of people who were suckered into buying superman 64 because they thought it was going to be good...oh man that would be a sad poll I myself had to get my mother to biatch to the people at best buy to take the crappy game back I walked home happy that day with castlevania 64
  13. I was just wondering you all gripe about people asking if their is a ds emulator that plays commercial games yet you took off your ideas board?...just curious why there is no section devoted to ideas the new version is running many commercial games... please save your hostility for rom spammers Im just curious why? something along the lines of CASSANI???....ANYWAYS Gamecop, magnis, cinder, whoever is in charge round here an answer would be much aperciated...anyone else ie normal user dont care what you think so know your role and shut your mouth when you talk to me..
  14. EH Im not new not to any of the OPs anyways haha Gamecop how come you never come to Romster anymore ?
  15. Ok good questions... here do this for me go get a cheap Chameleon Xbox mod chip I payed 30 bucks... then get a big ass HDD in your xbox pop slayers 1.5 or 2.0 something in... and then FTP your games to your xbox... faster loading times.... and saves money on dvd-rs and all that bull crap well I know I didnt answer your question but thats what everyone who is thinking about modding an xbox should do its cheap... the only thing else you need is a FTP program and a cross over cable...the cable can be bought on ebay for about a 2.50 so good luck
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