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  1. Jitway
    Well Mom had her surgery last Thursday and Friday. Everything went as planned and only time will tell if they actually got it all. They say the did and she will have a scare from the left corner of her lip to the bottom of her chin. She does not like that it will be a visible scare but hey like I told her at least you are alive.
    My nephew is now in remission so that is great news on that end. But as you all may not be aware of Indiana has had some pretty crappy weather as of late. The southern part of the state is mostly underwater from mass flooding. I had to go help my sister and her 3 kids out of their house Saturday. The got over 11 inches of rain in a matter of hours and the water was too the top of her house when I go there. Her car was floating in the driveway. I had to help to of her kids as the could not swim. It was one scary moment. The water rose from say 3 feet high to about 12 feet high in a matter of minutes. Took forever to get out of there as well as most roads where closed. The flood closed 3 major interstates so I had to take back roads to try and get out of there. At times we went through water as high as the the bottom of the windows of the truck. The water was moving as well. But we made it and I got here to my house safely. So I got a few extra guests now. To top it off we are getting more rain right now. They say another 3 inches is possible as we don't need that.
    On a plus note I am helping her landlord repair the damage to the house as soon as the water recedes . I am getting paid for that. I also got some work from others there when the found out I had a general contractor licenses. So I called a few friends of mine and we will be doing about 6 homes all together. I nice chunk of change. But more then that it is good to help those who lost everything they have.
    So that is it my life is going to be busy as hell for a couple weeks.
  2. Jitway
    Well the last month or so has been hell. All in one week found out my Mom has cancer of the skin around her lip and my 4 year old nephew as leukemia. So it has been hell. I have been helping my sister with my nephew a lot lately and been going to Moms doctor appointments even though she says she can go alone. The good news is that Moms cancer is not spreadable they say. The have to cut most of her lower lip out and then make sure they got it all and let it heal. Then they will do reconstructive surgery. Mom says she is going to not go outside till she has plastic surgery done. And she will wear a veil around the house. I am just glad it is not spreading and I will have her around for a bit longer. Her surgery is the first on June I believe.
    Now for my nephew he has the 2nd worst leukemia but they say he may be in remission in about 3 month of Chemo. He has to take steroids which make him swell at the face and belly. He eats a lot more too. Guess the roids makes him hungry. He does not have much energy anymore and it starting to lose some hair. They say he will be on his meds that he takes for 3 1/2 years and will be checked every 6 months once he goes into remission. I am just glad he will live to see a few more birthdays he is too young to go.
    Now for the rest of my life. Business is slow. Lost my major account due to this recession we are going through. They just shut down. So money is tight now. I do have a few more accounts but losing that one hurt. Had to let my part time employee, go hated to do that. Plus trip to Japan is off as well. The price of gasoline alone makes it hard for my business. Oh well easy come easy go.
    As far as entertainment. Well I still got a couple concerts lined up I am going to. Looking forward to seeing Warrant with Cinderella and also Poison with Dokken. Have been playing a few local clubs still and drinking myself to alcoholism. Hey we all got to go sometime. Anyway that is about it for now. So Rock Till Ya Drop and Turn Up The Volume.
  3. Jitway
    All it does is rain anymore here. The only plus side to this is the work I have got to help people waterproof their basements and homes. If it keeps up this pace I may just have to build a Ark.
    So anymore all I do lately is work and sleep. I did get to go out the other day and jam a little with some friends of mine at a local club. I am looking forward to the Children of Bodom concert on the 16th though. Will get good a drunk there for sure. I need it.
    Well that is about all for now. Expect I totaly hate Vista. Got a legit copy and it locked me out today. Said activation not valid but says it is activated. Anyway found out it is a known bug in Vista and Microsoft knows about it but has no 100% working fix for it. So now I lost 120gb of crap I didn't get to back up yet and I got to reinstall Vista. Along with all my programs. Yah me! Woot!
  4. Jitway
    Been awhile since I updated this. Actually I forgot I started a blog here till FatalRose asked me about it on IM. So my life lately has been good. Business is great, lots of work in networking and even did a garage build just last month with my side construction job. Console modding has slacked a bit but that is figured since most don't wanna risk frying a new system. I still got 4 ps2 and 1 gamecube mod job last month though. I even has 1 psx mod as well. Been awhile since I did one of those. Soldering 4 wires is a breeze. The Ps2 and Xbox anymore is all soldierless. Just attach with screw and soldier ground is all.
    Been writing some new songs for a new album with a local group here. I am going to up a song soon and let you all here it as soon as I figure where I can stream it at. Been producing for another local group as well. As well as playing a lot for another at some local clubs. It is great to play live with people half my age. Makes me feel young again. I like playing live more then anything else. Better then writing, producing or even having sex.
    Today I helped a friend fix a basement leak he was having. We had over 8 inches of rain in the month of March here. That is 4 inches over the average. We have had flood warning out the ass all month. Now for april we already have flood warning out and it has rained all day today. So digging this 6 1/2 foot deep hole about 5 feet wide was one big ass muddy mess. But we found the crack and sealed it. April here is the wettest month of the year so it is good we did it now and not later.
    Well that is about it except I just listened to the latest Sonata Arctica Deliverance album and got to say it was great. Will do a review for it soon.
  5. Jitway
    My latest bout with Food Poisoning makes me wanna stay away from Pig. Last time I got salmonella was 10 years ago and it was from bad Sausage. This time it was bad Bacon. Swine before pearls brings new meaning to my life. !0 days and 20 lbs later. All I got to say if when you get it you know it. I admit I need to lose weight but not this way. The past days I have worshiped the porcelain God way too much.
  6. Jitway
    Well I visited my nephew this weekend and he looks like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. The steriods are making him swell up like mad and he is losing his hair which is freaking him out. But he is ok other wise just not much energy and that is to be expected.
    Now for my Mom I am going with her this week to the appointments she has. Thursday she has the cancer cut out and Friday she has reconstructive surgery. Which Friday she is scared of since she will be but under. She hears all the crap that goes wrong with anesthesiologist anyway. I just hope and pray at her age it all goes well. Will post something after it is all said and over.
    Now today I hurt my back installing a new server for a company I guess I just twisted my back wrong trying to position the thing in the right space. Good thing I got pain meds for it already. Also my cellphone dropped out of my shirt pocket and got smashed as well. OH WELL just 250 to replace my smart phone blackberry is all. And no I had no insurance on it cause it cost a arm and 3 legs to insure. Oh well that is all for now.
    Rock and headbang till ya drop peeps.
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