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Just an update




Been awhile since I updated this. Actually I forgot I started a blog here till FatalRose asked me about it on IM. So my life lately has been good. Business is great, lots of work in networking and even did a garage build just last month with my side construction job. Console modding has slacked a bit but that is figured since most don't wanna risk frying a new system. I still got 4 ps2 and 1 gamecube mod job last month though. I even has 1 psx mod as well. Been awhile since I did one of those. Soldering 4 wires is a breeze. The Ps2 and Xbox anymore is all soldierless. Just attach with screw and soldier ground is all.


Been writing some new songs for a new album with a local group here. I am going to up a song soon and let you all here it as soon as I figure where I can stream it at. Been producing for another local group as well. As well as playing a lot for another at some local clubs. It is great to play live with people half my age. Makes me feel young again. I like playing live more then anything else. Better then writing, producing or even having sex.


Today I helped a friend fix a basement leak he was having. We had over 8 inches of rain in the month of March here. That is 4 inches over the average. We have had flood warning out the ass all month. Now for april we already have flood warning out and it has rained all day today. So digging this 6 1/2 foot deep hole about 5 feet wide was one big ass muddy mess. But we found the crack and sealed it. April here is the wettest month of the year so it is good we did it now and not later.


Well that is about it except I just listened to the latest Sonata Arctica Deliverance album and got to say it was great. Will do a review for it soon.



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