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flocking Rain



All it does is rain anymore here. The only plus side to this is the work I have got to help people waterproof their basements and homes. If it keeps up this pace I may just have to build a Ark.


So anymore all I do lately is work and sleep. I did get to go out the other day and jam a little with some friends of mine at a local club. I am looking forward to the Children of Bodom concert on the 16th though. Will get good a drunk there for sure. I need it.


Well that is about all for now. Expect I totaly hate Vista. Got a legit copy and it locked me out today. Said activation not valid but says it is activated. Anyway found out it is a known bug in Vista and Microsoft knows about it but has no 100% working fix for it. So now I lost 120gb of crap I didn't get to back up yet and I got to reinstall Vista. Along with all my programs. Yah me! Woot!


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