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Life is still a drag




Well I visited my nephew this weekend and he looks like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. The steriods are making him swell up like mad and he is losing his hair which is freaking him out. But he is ok other wise just not much energy and that is to be expected.


Now for my Mom I am going with her this week to the appointments she has. Thursday she has the cancer cut out and Friday she has reconstructive surgery. Which Friday she is scared of since she will be but under. She hears all the crap that goes wrong with anesthesiologist anyway. I just hope and pray at her age it all goes well. Will post something after it is all said and over.


Now today I hurt my back installing a new server for a company I guess I just twisted my back wrong trying to position the thing in the right space. Good thing I got pain meds for it already. Also my cellphone dropped out of my shirt pocket and got smashed as well. OH WELL just 250 to replace my smart phone blackberry is all. And no I had no insurance on it cause it cost a arm and 3 legs to insure. Oh well that is all for now.


Rock and headbang till ya drop peeps.



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