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  1. PS: the link to the website - for non-mobile users is: https://zzapmagazine.blogspot.com/2023/05/zzapraine-numero-12-in-arrivo.html
  2. Thanks for the post, Tux. Making this issue has been 5 months of hard work. We really wanted to create a new issue of Zzap!Raine for long time. Due to time constraint and limited resources (the print if self-funded), I could not make it in English, just Italian. The magazine is 48 pages + poster (total 52 pages), full colour. It has 10 reviews of arcadew games emulated by Raine and 3 reviews of home computer conversions of Raine games, in their c64, Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, etc format. Each home computer review has "tips and tricks" and "downloads via QR code" like the old Zzap!64 magazine had. There are also 3 special articles, and 3 pages of news - including a retrospective of Raine between 2004 and 2023, and the sad news about the founders of Zzap!64 passed away a few months ago. The price is 10 euro including shipping to Italy. In a few weeks time it will be possible to order the magazine from outside Italy, probably the price would be a little bit higher, not sure how much (I am the magazine editor, I don't do the sales so I have no idea) To buy: https://oboli.zzapmagazine.it/product/sovvenzione-stampa-zzapraine-12/ Thanks
  3. I would not say it is specially interesting. It was quite popular back in the days and I have seen it many many times in the arcades. I consider it a very cool game. Generally highly rated.
  4. Hi Tux Just wondering. Is there any particular reason why Tokio/Scrambled Formation is not emulated through RAINE - given that it shares (almost) the same hardware as Bubble Bobble? Source: https://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=646
  5. And the final version of the book is finally here!
  6. Hi all! Just providing a few updates on the Zzap!Raine book! The book was finalised and sent to print on 15/7 as per schedule. 200 copies of the book were printed, 170 of which based on pre-orders. 30 are still available for purchase! Price is 36 euro (shipping to Italy included, shipping worldwide available for an additional fee based on distance) If anyone wants a copy, please contact me on luca.madrigal.antignano@gmail.com before it's all sold out! The book comes in A4 format with 168 internal pages and glossy hardcover. A Zzap!Raine -themed bookmark also comes free with the book. The book features 49 reviews of arcade games emulated by Raine, 6 reviews of Raine games in their home versions: C64, Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, MSX, X-68000 and Amstrad CPC, 12 special articles mostly on Taito games, Zzap! history and Milestones also containing 50 mini reviews of classic arcade games 1976-1981. There is a section containing all original Zzap!Raine magazine covers, an interview with Tux (current author and coordinator of the Raine emulator) and a preface by Paolo Besser, editor of Zzap! Italia. The book is entirely in Italian and every review has a unique layout aka based on the "theme" on the reviewed game. The 8- and 16-bit reviews also contain Tips and Tricks for the game, and a QR code to download the ROM of the game in question. The last page of the book contains a surprise, coming from the Zzap!Raine archives and never published before. The book is approved and endorsed by the ZZap! publishers: Oliver Frey, Roger Kean and Chris Wilkins.
  7. Hi all Between 2002 and 2004, a group of crazy fans of RAINE published a free web magazine called Zzap!Raine. The magazine focused on reviews of games emulated by RAINE. The style and inspiration was drawn from the English and Italian videogames magazine: Zzap! I was one of the staff. During the past 18 months, I have "converted" the old website into an actual paper book with all the colours of the rainbow (just like Rainbow Islands well deserves ) I have also added new contents such as an interview to Emmanuel "Tux" Anne - author of RAINE and new sections and introductions. The book is almost ready and is now available for pre-order via Paypal and credit card. 170 pages (high quality), hardcover glossy pages, 100% translated into Italian. It can only be purchased via pre-order at the below address. https://www.progettoiskandar.com/prodotto/zzapreine/ The price is 36 euro incl. registered shipping to Italy. Shipping worldwide is available however please contact me on luca.madrigal.antignano@gmail.com for the right shipping fees. Since the print is quite expensive, I cannot afford to print hundreds of copies, so I will print just enough copies to satisfy all pre-orders. Therefore if you don't pre-order now, chances are that there will be not enough copies left to satisfy everyone else. Pre-orders close on 15 July 2022. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks Luca "MADrigal" Antignano
  8. _MADrigal

    Raine 0.92.4

    Yeh those were the golden years where you were starting your activity on Raine and I remember you struggled with tons of bugs in the first releases, those were early days and every release was like a blessing full of ton of fixes and new games. And those were the times of Zzap!Raine so we were constantly keeping an eye for new games and updates. I could not thank you and Mike enough for incorporating EmuDX into Raine! I love it!
  9. _MADrigal

    Raine 0.92.4

    Quick one. Looking for old documentation, in particular trying to find out when the EmuDX support was first added. Is there a complete changeslog/history anywhere? Tried on the rainemu main website but can't find it. Maybe in old raine zipfiles? Edit: found old source code - October 2004
  10. _MADrigal

    Raine 0.92.4

    Thanks, good news For some reason I was not notified of your response - I apologise in advance if I miss to reply to your posts in the future.
  11. _MADrigal

    Raine 0.92.4

    That's really good to see you back in action! Unfortunately I have bad news. Tested the latest 64-bit build of Raine on my Windows 10 x64 and none of the DX versions of the game work. The emulator closes automatically with no error message. I have placed the .dx files in the same folder as the raine executable. I am happy to help with some beta-testing if you tell me how to (eg can generate and send you a logfile if you can tell me how to do it) Eager to try the DX games on this new Raine!
  12. ...you lazy French dude!
  13. You never know. I have thought about stopping my G&W project so many times, but after 22 years I am still here, always doing something, improvements. At times slowly, other times, working like I was on fire. Passion never ends, but at times we need a rest
  14. Zzap! online is in English and was not updated for 18 years. What you are looking at here - is a proper publication (book) in Italian with a proper layout, and hopefully extra contents
  15. You dont work for 20 years on a project if it is not a big one
  16. Tux, the story of your work on Raine is worth being recorded in an interview. As you know I am part of the old Zzap!Raine team, we have known each other since 2001. I am now working on a massive project to bring Zzap!Raine into a book, it is stiill early days (I am 30% in the project) but when I am finished, I would like to include a section just for you, an interview, or a diary, or anything that you wish to say about this massive experience. As I said, still early days, I am working non-stop on this, but it is a huge effort, hopefully will finish phase 1 by November - and I hope you'll still be around when the time comes to finalise the publication - and I really hope you'll be on board
  17. and Raine is the only emulator that supports the EmuDX format and you can play classic games with renewed graphics and sounds. Very fascinating! Tux you have done an amazing job all these years. I understand the lack of help, but the truth is, what you have done is particularly complicated, not many people would have the skill to work with you and address the issues left behind. This is a mammoth project and has been going on for 20+ years. Big big big respect and congratulations (and thank you!)
  18. And one more (as long as the forum allows me to attach small files)
  19. It works This is just a preview - teaser for Tux - hope this gives him some motivation to go on! Project Zzap!Raine is still alive
  20. Yep, I have tried to upload a single image of 64 Kb but got that error and could not upload it. And I have never uploaded anything before.
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