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  1. welcome back to the forum! I'll check everything from start asap since I think I forgot anything EDIT: CUE loading seems ok, an error loading KOG96collection: "Region out of bounds (0). Possible values:" no values on "Possible values:", anyway the game starts
  2. Hi Tux, I read everything, but at the moment I do not have free time to reply, as soon as I can I'll check the new test build. Good idea to upload files on mega.nz (at least for test builds), Thank you for your work. EDIT: Take note that replacing SDL v1 to v2 will kill any future Raine porting to other OSs, such as AmigaOS, RiscOS, QNX, BeOS/Zeta/Haiku, MacOS9, FreeOS-Win32layer, Ouya console and similar. On these platforms SDL v2 is NOT available. I think it's ok to support SDL v2, but at least leave in support for SDL v1 as well. EDIT2: https://pastebin.com/U2AmqrX6 <--- here you ca
  3. I made the Language-file (.po) with Notepad by my hand, looking the emulator in action (to order strings in the same order as the Raine UI emulator), extracting the strings from sources, taking a look on the French translation made by you, and finally compiling it with PoEdit v2.2 for Windows. I tested it replacing the French file with my Italian compiled file (since for now, it seems Raine does NOT switch the language-file according to the Windows XP/10 default language). I spend about 10-12 hours to make it. In my opinion it's really well made. For the errors you're talking about, sorry ma
  4. I got a problem uploading raine.zip, I'll upload it on my hosting as soon as possible. EDIT: Done! download it from: http://turricandm.altervista.org/temp/raine.zip In the meantime I still have a problem downloading your latest DOS test release at: http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/rained.7z Everytime I try to download it stops at 85%. Please, can you upload it elsewhere? attrached the ANSI logo preview
  5. here we go, Tux http://turricandm.altervista.org/temp/raine.zip attached: Raine.zip cointaning: cngitlog.htm - Since there's no more changelog.txt in the Raine Archive, I created a GIThub log of Raine 0.51.6 UP TO 0.64.16.\locale\it\LC_MESSAGES\RAINE.MO - Italian translation (it_IT.po included)raine_logo.png - The image <raine_folder>\bitmaps\raine_logo.png has a big issue with the pixels-dithering and Iride/Rainbow colors HUE. I fix it, take a look if you like this one. No credit required.logo88.pcx, logo89.pcx - Two Raine Background images for Raine DOS (8bit PNG, with the fir
  6. I asked you if I was allowed to send you a private message because in many forums is denied sending private messages to administrators, or at least sending a msg without having a public request/conversation (and a good motivation). the big difference between MAME and Raine is You. The last time I was in contact for raine was in 2009, if I remember correctly it was on load rom-files within the rom-zips (it was through the file name, but if 'file not found': looking by CRC even if the filename is different). After 10 years I am back, and I find raine still developed by you! Incredible! if high
  7. Hi Tux, Happy year++; Yes, I will say that Raine is definitely dead! It's time for you to retire! First though, I would give Raine a last chance to bring it back to the popularity of long time ago. Raine is part of my life, I can not allow it to die so easily, it was One of the most famous emulator in the world (after Mame), but now it offers nothing more than other competitors, why would worth to use it anymore? I have some idea to revitalize it (quite easily to do), and I think I can help you with that. can I send you a private message in this forum? You'll tell me what you think ab
  8. Do not worry about the DOS version, I just asked in the case! I imagine that talking about DOS today, near to 2019, would be like talking about horse carriages with a car mechanic No worries mate, I think there're so few people in the world still touch the DOS. just, time to time, if you want to make a stable/tested build (maybe with the help of theelf and the indian guy), just for fun, then I'll apprecciate. No worries for now, mate. Yes, I read 'theelf' says that 0.50.0 works well. I'll stick with that. About RAM, it's a particular speech, in the early 2000s, for cost reasons (PCs wer
  9. Hi Emmanuel, a long time ago, since version 0.19 I was a bug-reporter of Raine, one of the best badass emulator out there! So many memories with you, Antiriad, Haze, Katharsis... I'm so nostalgic recently I still have all our IRC logs and some old website backups, but more important I still have my old working Arcade Cab (Pentium III) with alot of emulators within. Yestarday I tought how would be to update Raine on the Cab (actually v0.43 installed), it still runs anything with pure DOS (with VESA doctor and SB128Pro). What's actually the most stable and updated DOS build of Raine?
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