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  1. Cheers for that Prican, I've downloaded it and had a quick poke around, but due to me being a complete noob at this kind of thing (ie programming!) it's a little harder than I first anticipated. Could I just overwrite the.84 files that deal with midway games (ie. dcs.c dcs.h midyunit.c midyunit.h etc.) with the 71.b files or is there a better way of doing it? (sorry if this is a silly question btw) I was reading about the update today, I'm a big shmup fan and I wanted to get Raiden Fighters 2 to work, so I'll definitely have a go. I also wanted to include the drivers for Super Trio, just for the pure reason that I like the look of it Obviously I can't promise anything though. I wish I could, but it's a whole new learning curve for me. I'm learning more about the code every day. Cheers for the kind words BritneysPAIRS. I appreciate it. I'll keep you updated ... Ebsy.
  2. I saw a similar request on xb scene about this issue. I've had a look at the source where the aspect ratio is configured, but unfortunately I think this partiular issue is out of my range. I'll keep looking though. Obviously mameox is using the correct width settings for game, but not the height...easier said than done though. I did think about this, but as BritneysPAIRS says, the clone roms account for most of the supported MAME sets and mameox now uses parent screenshots for the clone sets. This means we could have screenshots showing for every game and not need a second screenshot folder. it's still worth considering though. As for an update. the 'favourites' list has now been implemented, although it is a bit of a shameless hack. I replaced the 'filter disliked' option with 'show favourites' this option displays only Roms you've rated as 'favourite'. Also replaced 'Strongly Liked' with 'Favourite' in the rating categories. Not the cleanest way of doing the favourites list, but it does the job I'm also working on implementing support for the HISTORY.DAT displaying this in-game is out of the question really, as it just eats up that much needed memory. Support exists in the current mameox source for the HISTORY.DAT there's just no way of displaying it at the moment. I'm thinking of displaying it in the 'detailed' view instead of a screenshot as the 'simple' view now supports screenshots, but it'll be some time off yet.
  3. Changes made to "bendermame 21.01.05" 1. Fixed screenshot aspect ratio in simple mode. 2. Clones now use screenshot of parent rom. (ala Mame32) 3. BACK button now cycles through sort modes (by name, by manufacturer etc.) 4. Changed UI background from Light Grey to Black. 5. Flicker filter set to 5 and soften off by default. 6. Debug.log logging removed. 7. Minor improvements made to skin and UI. With regards to settings, there were some that I felt should be set to default. 1. VSYNC enabled 2. Frameskip set to AUTO 3. Skip Disclaimer and Gameinfo 4. Artwork = Backdrops only 5. ForceVMM set to False (to force VM.txt) 6. Default display mode set to Simple List (with screenshots) Couple of things I'm currently working on... 1. True Favourites list. 2. Ability to change Flicker filter/soften via options menu. So there you have it. Like I said these are only minor improvements, not exactly earth shattering! As I get more familiar with the code, I'll see what other stuff could be improved upon and report here with the details. I like the idea of the XML file for the display name of Roms. I'll have a look into it and see what I can do. sounds like a challenge
  4. Hi Thraxen, is it just a simple CRC change from a5bcf859 to eba65bda? If so, consider it done. I've made some minor improvements to bendermameox with a lot of input from BritneysPAIRS. so any more features that are requested are welcome. I'm not expert programmer by any means, but I'll do my best. HK I used your debug.log code, it's much appreciated. I'm also interested in the neogeo bios settings update you've made. Any chance I could have a look at that?. Cheers all. Ebsy.
  5. ZXBTools or Craxtion? Want me to come round and use the app for you too?
  6. Just a suggestion, but I believe bendermamox uses unsigned xbe's. you can download an app to sign the xbe's and all should be well. it's worth a try at least?.
  7. + T + I really appreciate you looking into this, thankyou. I finally managed to get a hold of the decrypted V roms. the 4 bit swap using V2V didn't work out, but after some reading around I managed to get the correct CRC's. matrimd is absolutely fine. I can now sleep in peace! Cheers, Ebsy.
  8. ahh, I didn't realise it was for clones thanks for clearing that up!.
  9. Hope people don't mind me starting a new thread on this. I'm having problems with power instinct matrimelee (matrim, matrimbl and matrimnd) and fba-xxx pro. I also had the same problems using djohngs previous build When running matrimbl I get scrambled graphics and static sound. some sounds like the announcer are fine, and a few of the sprites are ok too. matrim runs with perfect graphics but the sound is 100% static. At first, I thought it was something I was doing wrong. but I used the exact same matrimbl set with bender's mameox and it ran perfectly. Is this a problem with the driver? btw, all my CRC's are 100% correct. screenshot from the title screen... CRC's... If anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  10. First of all. massive thanks to +T+ for picking up where djohng left off. Brilliant work (I'm still having problems with Matrimelee, but that's another story). Sorry if this is a really 'n00b' question. but what are the XOR's exactly?. I realise they're needed to decrypt encrypted roms (I first knew of them when the progear fiasco took place) but I'm unsure as to why exactly we need them? avsp has been in emulated for ages so why have the XOR's only just been released?. Again, sorry if this is a silly question.
  11. Isn't this a known issue with the VM code? try +T+'s latest source http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...ic=11210&st=190 He rolled back the VM code to an earlier state, thus solving many of the audio issues in some roms. give it a try, but a word of warning. you'll have to compile it first.
  12. Actually the worst sound problems were caused by changes to the VMM routines that were made in later versions of FBA-XXX. I was able to virtually eliminate all sound issues by restoring the original VMM code. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nice! any chance of uploading the source somewhere?
  13. I don't think FBA-xxx saves settings like that, but couldn't it be done with a 'savestate' file? I'm pretty sure you can have 'autoload savestates' too so it'll load the savestate automatically instead of you loading it manually every time.
  14. hope this helps... "bcsv0004f01.u1" CRC(8FEFF120) "bcsv0004f02.u2" CRC(0E799845) "bcsv0004f03.u3" CRC(659E2D17)
  15. If it's features I'd like to see implemented, I'd like MAMEoX to be able to parse command line, the kind of thing Xport implements into his current emulators. Is this a viable option or would it require too much coding?. Again, thanks to djohng and bender for the updates
  16. Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster etc etc Wanted to thank Djohng for such a great job in updating mameox with the new progear drivers/updated CPS2 drivers, thanks very much. I've downloaded the bender mame from sky and although BritneysPAIRS post suggests an extra screenshot folder and screenshots in list view, I can't seem to find this stuff anywhere, can anyone confirm if these features are in or not?. I'm also having a few problems regarding the VMM settings, a few of the roms that require VM crash with an 'out of memory' error when trying to take a screenshot ingame. Progear does this with the default VMM settings, but after a bit of tweaking I found a threshold of 2MB and a Commit size of 2MB enabled me to take screenshots without a crash. Dimahoo is a rom I'm currently having problems with, so if anyone can offer any advice with regards to VMM settings I'd appreciate it. Once again, big thanks to bender and djohng for keeping this emu alive
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