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  1. Agard

    ARCADE 0.196

    Can we confirm (Bloody Roar 2) get's stuck if left in demo ?
  2. Agard

    ARCADE 0.196

    In Xain'd Sleena does it have black borders round the screen in the arcade as can't remember it being like that, it starts off in full screen with no black borders but some of the game play does,
  3. Agard

    ARCADE 0.195

    Thank you so much for your ARCADE 0.195 build. In your last build & this one also I got this error finalizr.XML (11) : error.parsing cheat xpression *temp0 = maincpu.ob@ 8A83* (unknown symbol) It's for FINALIZER - SUPER TRANSFORMATION I had cheats enabled so had to disable cheats. Where do I report this cheat problem ? It's OK I found where to post. Also I can confirm Riding Fight (Ver. 1.00) crashes ARCADE although I did get Riding Fight (Ver. 1.0A) & (Ver. 1.0J) to work once but can't get it to do again even though I cleared the NVRAM. I can also say that I got a build for ARCADE 0.194 off someone else & his version crashed a lot but not always so I think it could be what version of tools there using to compile, but if I find that this ARCADE 0.195 build. is starting to crash on some of my favourite games it's gotta be something different. I'll report back once I have played a huge varity of games but for now just the Riding Fight roms crash. I just checked with another MAME UI & the diffrerence is obvious to me as in that version it is classed as fully working & in ARCADE it's classed as working with problems so I would say Robert has either missed something or he's built it with a version just before the sound was fixed. That's my theory, so hopefully if Robert has got some spare time to make another build then i'm sure he will.
  4. Would love an update to what emulators are out there now & what sort of games they run. please
  5. Agard

    ARCADE 0.194

    32bit error download & 64bit is still 0.193 so needs changing
  6. Agard

    ARCADE 0.194

    Very nice thanks for the build
  7. Agard

    ARCADE 0.192

    Will you include the strider uncensored version in next update ?
  8. Agard

    ARCADE 0.192

    Very nice work Thanks
  9. Agard

    ARCADE 0.189

    Figured it out how to get 0.189 32 bit link http://arcade.mameworld.info/arcade189_32bit.7z 64 bit link http://arcade.mameworld.info/arcade189_64bit.7z copy & paste to your browser if won't work
  10. Agard

    ARCADE 0.189

    I would like them added as its just basically like the neogeo carts & is mega play that gave you time for money ? well anyway those 2 systems together in 1,
  11. Agard

    ARCADE 0.189

    Hi folks download link is not working if you didn't know.
  12. Agard

    DAT viewing

    Hi everybody i'm not that good in getting DATS to work as when MAMEUIFX ended i had to start using MAMEUI & my DATS was working & I could see how to use special moves & other stuff but ever since I noticed that ARCADE had taken over MAMEUIFX I have never been able to get any of my DATS to work I use HYPERSPIN too & my DATS used to work when using HYPERSPIN but neither work now. I have taken screen shots for y'all to see if I ave to delete any folders & I can take more if needed to elp wit tis problem of mine. Any elp is really appreciated. http://postimg.org/image/umke5z9h9/68b6d905/ http://postimg.org/image/szgragvx5/92a21979/ http://postimg.org/image/ga0gpvb39/c6bc0606/
  13. Agard

    ARCADE 0.186

    Hope It get fixed soon.
  14. Agard

    ARCADE 0.186

    When did Kung Fu Master change to working with problems with the sound?
  15. Agard

    ARCADE 0.184

    Is there any chance of a version with no-nag please & thanks
  16. Really glad you've taken over compiling Mamesicks project as yes there's interest as not everyone has the space to have Mame with all the added home computer stuff etc. Is there any chance of compiling ARCADE with just the working roms, well atleast all the roms that are playable ? Or have a poll or something asking folks if they would like to see a compile of just the working roms. MANY THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK CONTINUING THIS PROJECT & KEEPING IT ALIVE.
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