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  1. MAMETesters reference for DBREED: https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=6970 MAMETesters reference for NEBULRAY: (see comments about slow drawing sprites) https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=2124
  2. Update on HACK#25: the Haze code is better. You can keep only the code in NAMCOB1_V.CPP file, the code commented out in the IRQ routine can go away without problems.
  3. Heck, how many still around. I'll try to give more info, for the moment: HACK#25: this avoids terrible slowdown in some levels in Nebulas Ray. There is a MAMETesters bug. HACK#28: could be removed, it was a personal nitpick made 15 years ago at least. HACK#26: could be removed, except for SPRITE PER LINE change which avoids a lot of gfx bugs in ZEDBLADE, SHOCK TROOPERS 2 and more. I guess final decision it's up to you though HACK#4: default volume in official MAME is too low. This makes a lot of games that uses that sound chip sounds much better. HACK#13: the black/white hack should be kept for VARTH and clones only, it avoids the brown screen when the CAPCOM logo appears which is ugly. With the hack is black. Again, it's nitpicking, feel free to remove it. HACK#15: no idea what to do, most of them were made by Haynor666 during the glorious days of MAMEUIFX HACK#18: dbreed is bugged in official MAME. There's a MAMETester bug. With these change, which is correct and not an hack, the bug goes away. It was broken by a Developer (maybe Haze) and never fixed even if I posted the change over at MAMETesters a while ago. HACK#19: remove. I don't recall why I changed it. HACK#20: another visual nitpick, with the hack METAMRPH looks better in some places. HACK#21: hack to reduce the brightness (or gamma) in NEMESIS, this was requested by some users (a long time ago) that think that in official MAME it's too bright and disturbing for the eyes. HACK#22: remove, Aaron Giles changes fixed it That's all.
  4. Hmmm.... Yes, actually in official MAME it looks much more better than the last time I checked it, probably at least 10 years ago(!). Well, so no need of source changes. Fine.
  5. https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=8368 FWIW, that hack was done to avoid bad tearing/flickering in HACHOO, that you can easily notice in the attract mode when you are flying on the cloud. Look at the Chinese Wall. At the times, PHANTASM was not supported, so I never bothered myself to check if that hack was causing problems to it when it was added to the driver. It seems I was wrong You rightly removed it, but now HACHOO is still bugged. To reduce the flickering, you can change the "SCANLINE==16" to "SCANLINE==0" in the timer interrupt function. For what I tested, it doesn't seem to break anything else, but it would be better if you check by yourself too. This is just a suggestion, feel free to implement the scanline change or not, it's not a problem.
  6. Perfect. Thank you.
  7. Be careful about this change. ALT+A was for single game audit, just right-click on a game and you'll see it. Now it is completely disabled, because ALT+A always call Full Audit.
  8. I compiled successfully ARCADE 0.247 and also my local version. Drama is part of the life, trying to destroy dervative builds is another matter.
  9. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.246.0

    Don't hold your breath. The problem is not compile an ARCADE version without the GUI, the problem is that MAME seems to be a bloatware now and for a lot of people isn't possible to compile it anymore. They suggest to use the LLD linker, which is not usable in the WINUI code, so yes, Robbbert is right. It's probably the end of ARCADE, MAMEUI and others.
  10. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.246.0

    Terrific. Probably my old PC isn't able to compile MAME anymore. I perfectly understand your feelings, the only hope is that maybe a lot of people will not be able to compile MAME anymore and so the commit will be reverted. Fingers crossed. For the rest, you know what is my opinion about some "Developers". There's nothing to add.
  11. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.246.0

    May I ask which commit is the cause? I haven't seen anything malicious in the last two weeks. Please give us details. Thank you
  12. Official MAME haven't that option in the games list, If I am correct. And probably it's why I removed it from MAMEUIFX source, to stay inline with MAME core.
  13. IIRC I removed that option from official MAMEUIFX source at least 10 years ago. Don't ask me why, I don't remember.
  14. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.244

    The problem will be for the next release 0.245... Current 0.244 source doesn't contain this commit.
  15. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.244

    https://git.redump.net/mame/commit/?id=9ce44fa048793de5e14d1e7af98e8b5ca148d0f3 It seems this new commit breaks the possibility to compile for WINDOWS XP 32 BIT, because it sets the minimum version requirement higher (Windows Vista)
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