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  1. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.244

    The problem will be for the next release 0.245... Current 0.244 source doesn't contain this commit.
  2. mamesick

    ARCADE 0.244

    https://git.redump.net/mame/commit/?id=9ce44fa048793de5e14d1e7af98e8b5ca148d0f3 It seems this new commit breaks the possibility to compile for WINDOWS XP 32 BIT, because it sets the minimum version requirement higher (Windows Vista)
  3. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.243

    The "fix" is already in the MAMETesters discussion about the bug. It's not the correct one, which is instead set the correct scrolldx/dy offset values in the perfrman VIDEO_START function, but it works for the purpose of a temporary kludge.
  4. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.243

    https://git.redump.net/mame/commit/?id=c5b07e0fe76e452a1e0b14b09c8b70a9620a7412 FWIW, it seems that PERFRMAN is still broken. The rest appears to be fixed.
  5. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.243

    https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=8279 @Agard Don't hold your breath. Who caused this bug is not interested in fixing it at all, so probably it will stay in this way for a long time. If @Robert is interested, I could provide a temporary fix for ARCADE64 only.
  6. Grazie. (Thank you) 🙂
  7. Fine here. I guess you might want to have a look at this: http://mame32fx.altervista.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=248 It's a bit outdated but should help you. GLSL shaders are in the same directory of HLSL shaders in ARCADE64. If you have other shaders you want to use, you have to put there. Hope this helps.
  8. mamesick

    Arcade Survey

    1 Yes 2 No 3 No 4 No
  9. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.240

    Easiest way for that FILEIO.H commit: 1) Put in WINUI.H the '#include "fileio.h"' just after '#include "emu.h"' 2) Move back to IOPORT.H the INP_HEADER class and put at the top another '#include "fileio.h" just before the '#include "ioprocs.h"' 3) Remove from IOPORT.CPP the INP_HEADER class. All done. In the future you'll have to deal only with the IOPORT files. Tested with ARCADE64, it compiled fine.
  10. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.240

    I see it now, thanks for the info.
  11. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.240

    No time to compile and check by myself, but wasn't enough put the 'include "fileio.h"' into the WINUI.H header and live happy instead of completely revert the commit (which could be difficult to be mantained in the future)? Just asking.
  12. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.239

    Usually simply overwrite the old executable with the new one is enough. This will keep all your options, settings, scores and so on.
  13. Don't remove the option. It's still working, but you have to disable the "Info" Tab first: "View"--->"Show Pictures"--->uncheck the "Info" tab It's been in this way since it was added the option to MAMEUI at least 15 years ago.....
  14. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.239

    This is the current fix for DBREED: void m72_state::m81_dbreed(machine_config &config) { m81_hharry(config); m_maincpu->set_addrmap(AS_PROGRAM, &m72_state::dbreed_map); } All the rest is no more needed because the volume changes happened a while ago fixed the rest of the bugs. @Robert, this is not an hack. It's a correct fix for https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=6970. Feel free to submit to official source tree if you wish.
  15. mamesick

    ARCADE64 0.239

    All KONAMI hacks where the sound CPU is multiplied by 2 can be safely removed. Super Contra refresh at 57 Hz I believe should still stay here, It was changed to have perfect sync with a youtube PCB video IIRC. Though I don't think it's so important. For the M72 bugs Haynor666 asked in another thread, they are all fixed except for the DBREED one. About Racing Jam, I have no idea what to touch, those 3d games/drivers are beyond my skills and also I have very few time to compile a MAME version to test and so on. Thanks.
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