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  1. AntoPISA

    HBMAME 0.245.14

    Perfect, I'll do it! Thanks so much Robert.
  2. AntoPISA

    HBMAME 0.245.14

    They tell me that a sample package has been added in the latest HBMAME: "lsample.zip", is this correct? And if it's true, where can I find it? Thank you.
  3. Message moved to the right section, sorry.
  4. Hi Robert, I missed a version... the 0.245.1! Could you pass me the executables (with and without GUI) to complete the backup page? Thank you.
  5. No problem, it's definitely not an urgent thing to do. Thanks.
  6. With the size of the lists getting bigger and bigger, it would be useful to be able to search for a title also in the "SW Items" window with a search box, for both MAMEUI and MESSUI. What do you think Robert?
  7. Today I'm at Lucca Comics (an important Italian fair). Tonight I'm getting the 32-bit executables. As always, thanks for your commitment.
  8. I don't remember if you've been asked in the past, just in case don't consider my message. Would it be possible, for uniformity, to replace the term "Originals" in the left menu of MAMEUI, MESSUI and HBMAMEUI in the more correct "Parents"? This is already the case in ARCADE.
  9. Many thanks, very kind as always.
  10. MESSUI also seems to be suffering from the same problem.
  11. Sorry Robbbert, I'm doing the usual checks on the MAME and MESS statistics... from the MESS executable (and relative xml generated by it): 1,387 machines are removed! Possible? Or is there an error? I'm attaching a log to you. PS: The size of the executable also went from 160Mb to 120Mb. MESS - Update (v0.236 to v0.237).txt
  12. Fantastic (and very fast). Thank you very much.
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