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  1. Woa, you are rather energetic about this, let's see... Yeah, special case for the dialogs headers, you'll have to get a new binary for this, how goes your compilation then ? thanks by the way, I hadn't noticed, it's the same word in french. It's a dynamically initialized dialog,some other kind of beast, which means the "Neo-Geo bios" string is simply ignored normally here and overwritten by what you see. It's fixed, but you'll need to update your translation (it will look like "Neo-Geo bios: %s") These are because I use some script to locate the strings to translate, it would be way too
  2. Ok added your file to the sources, you can see it there with the others : https://github.com/zelurker/raine/tree/master/locale It's more convenient than grabbing them from an http link. And it will be in next release then, thanks again ! By the way the raine.pot there is already more recent than the one you used for your translation, about 20 messages more, so you can grab it from git if you are curious !
  3. Ok I got the file from mega, and this time the attachment shows in your post, so it's ok ! Good news for the list, yeah I probably forgot some texts here and there. For the hard drive, smartmontool is a good tool to know where your hard disk is in its life, I don't know if there is a windows version though, I think there is, yeah it's there : https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/Download read the doc, but it's rather good. For the idea of using command.dat, yeah well it would do for the arrows and the buttons when using neogeo, but not even sure they could be used for normal arcade games. Plus t
  4. Oah ! Congratulations ! I am impressed ! How did you do to generate the mo file, did you find this in poedit or did you download gettext ? I didn't find the attachments ! Where ? It's not a pm, it's not in the mails, nor in the forum ? I am lost ! For the untranslated parts, you can make a list. For now : for the dipswitches it can be done, but I'll have to change the way things work, making _("...") just a dummy function, here just to be able to locate the strings to translate when creating raine.pot. Same thing for inputs. Something else ? And thanks for the dream idea ! EDIT : just u
  5. Tux

    Raine 0.64.6

    Ok it's still about bug fixes, but it also adds some experimental translations using gettext. For now there is only the french translation, it should be detected automatically in linux and windows if your system uses the french language. If you want to help you can visit the forum there is a topic on how to translate this there : http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/35440-compiling-raine-the-easy-way/page-2 Except that there is a fix for a surprising bug in bublbobl, for very fast players who can saturate the machine with bubbles everywhere... this bug has probably around here for very lon
  6. Hehe, yeah. Well I just finished the french translation. For now still a lot of things are untranslated, I was too optimistic at first. Like the controls names when customising controls. But it's a nice start, most of the gui is translated now, which is quite impressive. I'll probably release a new binary tomorrow so that you can have a look, but I need a break for now (been doing this for at least the last 2 hours, more if you count the time to add gettext functionality !). Meanwhile I'll update the raine.pot and french.po and es.po files with new text I have added since I last posted them.
  7. Ok, well I have tested and it works perfectly in windows as promised (and in linux too of course) ! Judging from your profile I guess you want to try to make a spanish translation then... So you can do it by using a program, it's called poedit there : http://poedit.net/ Or you can edit directly the text file for your language. Here is the base texts, all in english in case you want to create a new language using poedit : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/dev/raine.pot Here is the french translation (unfinished) that I started as an example (it's just started, not done much yet !) : http://
  8. If you are really interested in making a translation, I could make raine to use gettext. It would allow you to just translate the text in some text files, then you send the text file to me, I convert it, and you get your translation. Normally gettext works in linux, windows and about everything except dos, but dos used something else anyway. It's not too hard to do on my part, it's just that I never thought seriously about adding some translated text... It would allow non programmers to send their translations for inclusion. I still need to test this in windows, but normally it should work !
  9. Sorry guys, at least it allowed me to update this and edit the config files in bin, you won't have to edit anything anymore normally. And added freetype too now. Now maybe I still forgot something, we'll see how it works ! Now be careful the 7z links seem to display the files directly in the browser as if the web server here didn't know about .7z files. The weird thing is that it works from the main download page though. I'll have to send a message to alpha to see if he has an idea...
  10. You'll probably have some problems with the sdl-config / libpng-config files, they still have the absolute paths from my install here. Well if you do edit these files with a text editor (they are in the bin directory) and replace i686-pc-mingw32/usr by nothing, it should fix the problems.
  11. Ok, good news it means it's not because of some lost hack finally, but I'll need some time to pinpoint the cause then because it's not obvious. For the size it's just because the old 0.51.0 binary was packed using upx, it produces a slightly smaller exe when unpacked (6.4 Mb instead of 6.7), the difference is probably the result of some optimizations and alignment used by the new compiler. Ok, I'll try to reproduce the sound issues in dosemu then, and I'll post later. Thanks for the test anyway ! EDIT : I can't reproduce your sound issues, even with an fps between 20 and 30 in dosbox (which
  12. lol, it's not mingw to build for dos, you need djgpp + an old allegro lib ! Anyway I didn't even test this build myself I just compiled it and uploaded it, maybe I was too optimistic about that, I'll take a look a little later then... Don't worry it's not too bad doing this. The reason why there were no dos builds is because I couldn't do or get any serious testing, now at least I have a serious tester ! EDIT : same player plays again, new link : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/rained-test2.7z Same rules, just the exe, it was a stupid mistake from me which was crashing the loading dial
  13. Ok, you can find the pre-compiled packages there at the top of the page (section dev of the downloads) : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/dev.html There should be almost everything, tell me if I forgot something (it actually from my linux installation, but it should work without problem with mingw32). As it's said on the page : unpack this where you have your mingw32 bin lib and include directories
  14. Ok I found the source for 0.51.0, and bad news there doesn't seem to be any obvious difference for sound there (for the dos part). So here is a test build of 0.51.0 using the latest tools : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/rained-test.7z (just the exe inside) get it, put it in a raine directory and compare it to your normal 0.51.0 binary, does it work the same way or not ? (you might be obliged to use a right click on the link and use "save as", the web server here doesn't seem to know about 7z files...).
  15. Well you need time to master it, but it's worth the time spent ! In short, in linux distributions handle dependancies automatically, you say you want to install raine, so it will install all the dependancies 1st automatically. Normally when compiling a win32 program from linux you loose these dependancies but gentoo has the same system to be able to install dependancies the same way when compiling something in windows, but gentoo is really specialized for developpers. I could at least put a binary package for sdl_sound because this one is not that easy. For all the others, it's download the pa
  16. Try the rdtsc display to know what eats your cpu time (press F11 3 times), and report which are the highest numbers...
  17. I'd say maybe the easiest way is to do it under linux, because that's what I am doing, and if the distribution is not too dumb it makes getting the dependancies very easy ! Otherwise it's not too hard to do with mingw, you just need to get the dependancies yourself, but it's documented on the download page there l: Oops broken link, I'll fix it later. Well meanwhile you still have the logiqx notes there : http://www.logiqx.com/HowTo/RAINE32.php Anyway from memory you need : (everything can be found by using google) : - zlib - libpng - sdl-1.2 - sdl-image - sdl-ttf - muparser - sdl-sou
  18. Ok, I have rebuilt a gcc for dos thanks to this : https://github.com/andrewwutw/build-djgpp It didn't work out of the box, it required some editing but it seems to work. Now the bad news is that I get a crash when running bublbobl with an optimized build, and not with a debug build, which means this gcc has problems with optimizations ! (or maybe it's because dosemu doesn't like pentium3 stuff... hopefully !). By the way which beast were you talking about, because raine is now optimized by default for pentium3, maybe I should revert to pentium for the dos version then ? Anyway it was easier
  19. lol ! Try linux one day, at least you'll discover a serious command line, even though you can do without it nowdays... after using this for a while you wonder how you could do without it for all this time ! I had a gus too in the old days, it finished burnt after a hardware problem... I can't say I am a big fan of hardware problems actually ! Well I did a quick test of how things run in emulation : with dosbox I have serious speed issues and the sound works only in 0.28, it seems to freeze for 0.51 and 0.63. With dosemu it works fine, sound is ok in 0.28 and 0.63, no sound in 0.51 ! So y
  20. hehe, give dosbox a try, some games can actually be played better with dosbox than on our original old hardware because it emulates general midi, and very few people had this in the old dos days ! Ok maybe not everything runs, but probably almost everything, and a big part of this is running better in dosbox ! And what do you miss so much about dos ? Not the command line I hope, it was quite retarded in fact (with 4dos it was better, but still... !). I don't remember clearly what changed between 0.51 and 0.63 for sound, I would have to check but either the lib used for sound changed, or some
  21. The slow part is probably related to the sound too, disabling sound would probably make it fast again. Sorry to hear that but I can't do anything about it, I compiled this version just for the very few who can still use a dos version, but I can't test it with my normal hardware. There is an old unused pc in a corner, but it's still a 1 GHz, so it might even be too fast to experience this problem, but anyway it's in a corner and it would really not be easy to test a recent raine on this... You know hardware is less and less expensive ? You can even buy ultra mini computers on a board nowdays fo
  22. Yeah after some more time on this one, it's the limit of a hack here which allows neodrift (among others) to work. If you tune this hack so that the scene in this kof94 intro is not clipped, then neodrift doesn't work correctly anymore ! You could say "get rid of the hacks". Yeah well easier said than done, mame uses a full rom of zoom data here, and I don't want to use a full rom for that. Without the rom apparently the only thing which works so far is a collection of hacks... maybe there is something better to do than that, but it's not easy to find. Maybe later, but not today !
  23. afaik neogeo cdz uses some original code, and the psp version was open sourced ! Anyway I might try that later, it should be possible, just very dangerous ! For your hd3000, it seems it supports hardware shaders (from wikipedia). Some intel cards had software support for shaders which was extremely slow, so at least this one is better, maybe you just found a shader it doesn't like.... or the card is still slow maybe ! (by the way I just upgraded my system, it's not for raine, it's just that i lost again too much time testing mods in skyrim and I hit the limit of my system there. Since prices
  24. For the dsw no it depends on the machine emulated, a lot of them only read these dsw at boot and after that they ignore them, so you need to reset the game after changing the dsw in this case. Now I am not 100% sure that all the dipswitches are correct but final fight should be correct normally. For the shader, yeah the intel integrated card is not renowed for its speed, try some other shader or try to disable the shader entierely... Hello again in this new place, by the way !
  25. I had a look at this kof94 issue because it looked like some easy cliping error, but there is nothing easy left in this driver now ! Actually at this point the y coordinate suddenly becomes < 0, and it goes through quite a lot of transformations necessary for some specific drivers. Touching this thing is quite dangerous. The good solution would be to rewrite this part entirely, but it's no easy task... I'll think about it ! (not sure it's worth to take the risk to break everything just to fix this small annoyance... but maybe it's possible, I'll see).
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