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  1. Wow looks sweet!_! Thanks for sharing! Salamander is such an awesome game . I really like that more and more great titles from back inte the days gets remasters!
  2. I wanted to get the correct CRC for the files.. aint got them all thou :/ but so I could see wich ones to look for. Would you mind sending the decrypted files you have please? my email: ********** would greatly apreciate your help! Regards from sweden / Stefan
  3. Hi all Trying to find that dat suitable for: Samurai shodown 5 special (mvs version, fully decrypted) But there are so many dats for this game and I am not sure wich one to look for.. since some seems to be for the censored aes version etc.. I just want the dat for the fully decrypted C,V,S,M,P set (P files never encrypted?) It should be the version with 4 V files and 128k S and M files.. Anyone who could paste this dat and if needed the decryption patches / grabbers (since the links in the ultimate SSVS thread are dead ; (...)? Thanks ks in advance
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