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  1. WOW Thanks!!! That did the trick!! I had no idea that have even changed!! THANK YOU
  2. Wow looks sweet!_! Thanks for sharing! Salamander is such an awesome game . I really like that more and more great titles from back inte the days gets remasters!
  3. Thanks for the great tips! Sadly it didnt help. The path was correct but I even tried to choose the HLSL from my working install of the original mame (that works), but still nothing :/. I cant for the life of me figure out whats missing? I usually just need to activate it and set video to D3D.. I even got another PC and tried it on today, but still no HLSL effects are showing when running ARCADE64.. Hmm.. the search continues
  4. Thanks . I am sure I have missed something simple but I can't figure it put. But hopefully someone with a working setup could give me some advice! I have been wanting a lightweight mame for a long time so this one would be great to use
  5. Hey all! Just found out about this wonderful version of mame today and I really like it so far. Superfast and alot slimmer! But I cant get HLSL to work.. I have tried and copy all files and folders from the regular mame64 187 release into the folder of Arcade64 187, activating it in the ini and whatnot :/. I have it working in my regular versions of mame but I would really like to use Arcade64 . I am guessing its something simple regarding paths or such in the inis but I cant figure it out.. I have been trying all possible combinations I can think of for the last 3 hours straight and I am about to give up. Could anyone please tell me how and what I need to do to get it working? As I said, I do have HLSL working in the regular mame, and mameui. But even if I set it to activate in the gui or in the mame ini it still doesnt do anything :/. D3D is set also ofc.. Thanks for your time!
  6. I wanted to get the correct CRC for the files.. aint got them all thou :/ but so I could see wich ones to look for. Would you mind sending the decrypted files you have please? my email: ********** would greatly apreciate your help! Regards from sweden / Stefan
  7. Hi all Trying to find that dat suitable for: Samurai shodown 5 special (mvs version, fully decrypted) But there are so many dats for this game and I am not sure wich one to look for.. since some seems to be for the censored aes version etc.. I just want the dat for the fully decrypted C,V,S,M,P set (P files never encrypted?) It should be the version with 4 V files and 128k S and M files.. Anyone who could paste this dat and if needed the decryption patches / grabbers (since the links in the ultimate SSVS thread are dead ; (...)? Thanks ks in advance
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