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  1. Well aware this is an old topic but I can humbly agree that Bambi is the go to girl here. For everything. She might as well be Queen of Emulation (And what a looker.) Wish I could look that amazing for photos! unfortunately my hair is always a mess. Whatever her secret is, she sure is rocking (Or maybe she's born with it...!) Now to disappear into the night.
  2. Hello I'm...pretty much brand new here lol. I go by the moniker of Ghostie both on youtube (GhostsAreCool which is my...very first account there, and also on TheEngagedGamers youtube page, where I sometimes play video games with my fiance'. We're both still pretty young in terms of a Lets Play channel.) But you can also call me Sam. Full name being Sami, but I just usually go by Sam since...most people assume that when they hear Sami it must be a nickname. It's totally not. I promise I'm a girl, I'm very heavy deep in anime (though when it comes to finishing anime I am a n00b. Same with gaming sometimes!), manga, and I also draw. A lot. I've been drawing since Middle School in anime style and it's one thing I can't break. Aside from that, I also really enjoy emulation, I think it's such an amazing tool to have in this day and age considering all the games that never made it here to the United States. And heck it's also really fun to just be able to play on your computer. Even without a controller. Goodness what else to say, I so far love this place it's very welcoming and I hope to have a lot of fun talking with all of you guys : D ! Okay done blabbing about myself, we now return to your regularly scheduled forum conversation!
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