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  1. I did that because I wanted everyone to get in on the posting, and see it on the main page. I don't appreciate it being moved, I would have posted it elsewhere if I wanted to.
  2. I just fixed the missing 'Left' configuration for Player #1, I will fix the temp directory changing, that is caused by the ZIP support and directory changing.
  3. As time goes on, my creative process dims, and that affects olafnes, my NES emulator. I'm going through a period of uncreativity and lack of development in olafnes. I've posted this topic to get the visitors and members of 1Emulation to give me some ideas. If you have any suggestions or ideas for olafnes, reply to this topic. I do not want any "yeah, that's a good idea" or "maybe... *anything here*" one-line replies, I want well-formed and self-explanitory replies. Any ideas taken in to development will be given credit where it is due. Thanks, Olaf
  4. Roman released a new version of ClrMAME Pro, 3.55. Below are the changes in this update. - Official Homepage
  5. This SNES sound chip emulator has been updated to version 0.31, the changes are listed below. - Official Homepage
  6. XRoar, a Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy CoCo emulator for Unix, Linux, GP32, MacOS X and Win32, was updated recently and released. Below is a quote from the XRoar official hompage about v0.11. - Official Homepage
  7. The first version of NeoDC, an improvement on the Dreamcast NeoGeo CD emulator NeoCD, was released recently. There is still no sound support besides CDDA, below are the changes since the last IMR tech release (9.3). - Official Homepage
  8. MorphGear, a multi-system emulator was updated and version was made available today. This release is basically one of optimization, below are the changes. - Official Homepage
  9. Gebea, a plug-in based GameBoy Advance emulator, was updated and released today. Below are the changes in Release 9. - Official Homepage
  10. I think my host stopped paying, heh, oh well.
  11. Thanks to whoever has been updating EmuWiki with me.
  12. there is a search feature, i just haven't enabled it yet, i made this site at 1 in the morning before i had to go to school, so i left it with bare minimum, so, bare with me for a day or two while i get things up and going.
  13. Today I launched a web site called: EmuWiki. It's an emulator database that's based around a Wiki script. Everyone can update it and post news. Click here to visit EmuWiki. Note: It's pretty empty at the moment, so start adding URLs! is the link format »» http://emuwiki.1emulation.com
  14. Another olafnes release hot off the press, yay! I know it gets monotonous, but I enjoy releasing all my progress as it happens, and here's what's new in this version: - Official Homepage
  15. Earlier, I worked on olafnes, and decided to make the version: v1.1a. This release is my late Christmas present to all the users of olafnes, a much desired feature... - Official Homepage
  16. The new version of Kawaks is available, 1.51. Below is information on the release of this arcade emulator. - Official Homepage
  17. I updated olafnes for an end of the year release, you can expect the first 2.0 release in the first few days of 2005, expect to see gamepad support and other things in olafnes 2.0, for now, here's what's new in 1.0z: - Official Homepage
  18. I updated my NES emulator again, all that's new in this version is support for mapper 222. I got bored and decided to release my work of 3 minutes, click here to visit olafnes' official homepage.
  19. I updated my NES emulator a few minutes ago, below are the details of olafnes v1.0x. - Official Homepage
  20. FCEUXD (FCE Ultra Extended Debugger) v1.0a has been officially released! FCEUXD is an NES emulator (based on the FCE Ultra source code) with several powerful debugging, hacking, and reverse-engineering tools. Click here to visit the official homepage!
  21. Super Sleuth managed to make a Christmas release, below are the changes seen in 1.02, the new version. - Official Homepage
  22. blueMSX version 2.1.0 was released today, click here to visit the official homepage!
  23. The FPSEce (Playstation emulator for Pocket PC's with Windows CE) team has released a new version of FPSEce for Christmas. Click here to visit the homepage!
  24. XM7 ("an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator, for 7 platforms") was updated today, I think this version is v1.1, I can't really tell. Maybe you can find out what's new by clicking here.
  25. Retroamp (Ti-B0ne's SPC player) was updated recently, below are the changes in this version (v1.5). - Official Homepage
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