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  1. Today sees its first release of NEOGEO CDZ, an often updated Japanese Neo Geo CD emulator. AEP Emulation Page reports that it's a daily update, and it doesn't appear to be another set of "test" releases. Click here to visit the homepage of NEOGEO CDZ. UPDATE: Fix available!
  2. SoftDev's GameCube port of FCE Ultra, the much used Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, has been updated says PDRoms. Below are the changes in version 1.0.8. Click here to find out more.
  3. After 2 years of inactivity, Minus4j, a Commodore Plus/4 emulator for Java, has been updated. This news comes from Emunews 24 and below are the changes. Click here to visit the homepage.
  4. Reviving an old thread -- I'm working on a Spectrum emulator as a pet project -- based off vbSpec. I started it because I wanted to play Count Duckula and vbSpec was the easiest to work -- started up without any problems, and on top of that it was made in Visual Basic. It lacks things like snapshots, intuitive windows, debugger, etc. -- So I'm taking over. I don't know if I'll ever release it, it's for my enjoyment.
  5. bsnes, one of the newest and most updated sees another updated today. Below are the changes in this version as reported by Emu#dreams. Click here to visit the homepage and find out more.
  6. eSCV, the open source EPOCH Super Cassette Vision, has been updated says AEP Emulation Page. This build (Nov 24, 2005) has noticable improvements over older version. You can visit the homepage here.
  7. 64th Note, the USF sound player for Winamp has been updated, below are the changes. This news comes from The Emulation64 Network. Click here to visit the homepage and learn more.
  8. NEOGEO CDZ (test 5) is now available here, and I won't be posting anymore "tests" as they are too frequent of updates. Also, PC6001V version 204 has been released here. News of both of these updates comes from emulation number 9.
  10. Just after I posted test 2 outcomes test 4 of NEOGEO CDZ 2005.11.23, the Japanese Neo Geo CD emulator, reports emulation number 9. You can find out more information at the homepage, found here.
  11. PotA has also released his majhong-like game called SachuchungX today, reports PDRoms. SachuchungX is another GP2X game and more information can be found here.
  12. PDRoms reports that LogicX by PotA has been released. LogicX is a picross type game for the GP2X. More information on this release can be found here.
  13. Part of me wants to slap the guy, and part of me wants to pat him on the back. Slashdot brought up an interesting comment yesterday, taking cheap shots at Microsoft about Xbox, and how it's a big monopoly and buying their console is feeding the angry giant basically. They countered that remark with bashing Sony for a its recent rootkit in CDs. Not a very useful comment, but look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about. They're both pretty evil corporations these days -- but I must say -- they make one hell of a game system(s).
  14. PDRoms says Foft has released his Atari 800 emulator for the GP2X today. Below are his changelog notes. Click here to visit the homepage.
  15. pIRC is an application that allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat servers across the world with your Sony Playstation Portable via your WiFi connection. This news was reported by PDRoms and below are the changes in version 0.5b of pIRC. Click here to find out more.
  16. PDRoms reports that Efegea has released a beta version of GP2X Skin Viewer, an application that allows a user to preview GP2x Linux Skins before installing them on the GP2x. GP2X Skin Viewer is available for Windows and Linux here.
  17. NK has updated his Super NES emulator for the GP2X says PDRoms. Along with the Snes v3 comes the first version of a NES emulator within the distributed zip file. You can obtain it here.
  18. I wasn't calling it humorous, I was undermining certain aspects of the show itself.
  19. I agree with Cominus, I think it's a useless show and it dumbs down the Adult Swim line-up further. LET'S TALK ABOUT RECENT EVENTS IN A CARTOON AND USE SLANG, KIDS LOVE SLANG!
  20. A man smashed an Xbox 360 in front of crowd outside of BestBuy, after waiting 55 hours in the cold. Link is here. Discuss.
  21. AEP Emulation Page has reported that NEOGEO CDZ, the Japanese Neo Geo CD emulator, has been updated to version 2005.11.23 (test 2). You can find out more information at the homepage, found here.
  22. PDRoms has reported that Snaff has updated his GP2X port of Frodo, the Commodore64 emulator. Below are the changes in this quick update. Click here to visit the homepage of Frodo2x.
  23. RAIN is a tool for the Nintendo DS that allows you to manage SRAM and EEPROM easier as well as enable the ability to launch NDS files. This news comes from PDRoms, and more information can be found here.
  24. SSF, the Sega Saturn emulator has finally reached beta status as of 0.07 reports AEP Emulation Page. Not much more is known besides that, as the homepage is in Japanese. Here is the translation modified for readability
  25. Imagine those eBayers buying defective XBox 360s for $700+ that will die in 5 minutes after they start playing it. I think I'd go on a homocidal rampage after that.
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