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  1. Hi all, I don't seem to be able to delete or edit any of my older posts for some reason. Is there any mods about that can help me sort this out please. Thanks.
  2. found out by chance my xbox doesnt like the dvd blanks i burnt Doh!! luckily i had some others and it now works fine
  3. ive downloaded the following emulators gbax and xboy advance versions 8,9,13 and 17 i have unzipped and put into a folder on my pc and added the roms once just dropped into the folder and the 2nd time placed in a folder called roms in the emu folder, i then used xiso to create an iso and burned to dvd but when i tried to run from xbox nothing at all happens can some 1 recommend a emulator and how to make it run from disk. i do already have a gba emulator on disk for xbox but the games are old and thats why i wanted to make a newer version thanks in advance
  4. hi djohng i cant find the fba-xxx you have done anywhere can you pm me tolet me know if possible where i can get it from, thanks if you can
  5. kawa-x has been edited by some people so it will play some of the new roms though
  6. has any 1 else had the multi neogeo emulator on dvd that combines fba and kawax? ive just got it and its great even though it only has 7 games on it rocks also does anyone know how to decompile a disk jugler image so i can add more roms to the dvd? thanx if u do and can help, if not ah well doesnt matter
  7. is there anyway of getting the neorage version of this game and converting it to use with kawax or fbaxxx? thanx in advance
  8. all though i need this djohng take your time and good luck, cant wait for halo 2 either, doesnt help passing gameshops everyday with the halo 2 counters in window. cant wait for new fbaxxx either please dont put a count down time on here though lol
  9. thanks i take it these are ok to run from disk like kawax sorry im new to fba in fact im just new lol
  10. sorryjust read the thread and the links are dead and im not sure how to use news groups http://www.1emulation.com/forums4upgrade/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/sad.png if someone has the time and the patch can you send it me my email is -- removed -- thanks if you can http://www.1emulation.com/forums4upgrade/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png
  11. i was wondering where i could get the patch from,or if some one can send it to me if they have time
  12. if u know which rar file was damaged down load it and replace it. if not im not sure sorry
  13. u can tell by the last digits of the serial number
  14. hi i can get mslug 5 and sam sho 5 to work but cant get svcc to work. i have the plus version of the game which works perfect with kawaks on my pc but doesnt work on xbox, can some one tell me how to get this working, oh and hi to you all i also tried the winkawaks way to decrypt the game but its not listed in the game files and i cant find neo encrypter anywhere
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