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  1. cartoons suck... well unless they are...http://www.nausicaa.net/


    Those "cartoons" are movies. They're supposed to be GOOD. These are just 30 to an hour goodness with a plot or plain silliness. Of course Tweety can't compare to those movies and anime :lol:

    Ok, what about Ren and Stimpy, Ripping friends or the fantastic - TICK.

  2. no, it is not free. If you check out the free samples in Adobe you will understand why. It is extremely good quality and has some seriously good articles. For example this edition has a small article by a programmer from lost toys about his involvement with Battle Engine Aquila.


    It is cheap though.


    One big advantage of the mag is that as it is not technically a commercial product articles about all manner of different projects can be included...




    In short, why not give it a bash, then after getting to grips with it, submit some work for discussion.

  3. I wouldn't expect anything less from the IDSA. They deleted my friends entire site just because he had pd roms on there. PD!!!! PUBLIC DOMAIN! They didn't even send him any warning or notification, they just deleted it. Then they failed to apologise afterwards.


    They are scum  :roll:

    urely that would be a breach of the contract formed when payment was made for the product. I am pretty certain on that point - obviously this asumes that no illegal products were being hosted.

  4. It is without doubt that Final Fantasy 7 was the best version released. Certainly in relation to the rather westernized version that was Final Fantasy 8. It could be argued that Fantasy 5 was the superior title, and does have a superior narrative, it did not combine and maximize however, the gaming elements and technological elements that Final Fantasy 7 managed.


    Both do pale into comparison with Final Fantasy Tactics however, which is possibly the best game ever made (obviously the is an individualist statement) and I certainly had some of the best gaming experiences with the superb Square title. Xenogears for PSX was also excellent and I await getting my copy of xenosaga with quite a degree of excitement- which I rare now I am jaded, old and cynical.


    On a related note Final Fantasy 10 was the biggest pile of 'on rails. RPGing ever made. I mean rpg?s are all about convincing the player they have freedom, but FF10 never even bothered. I did like the clever advancement tables though.

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