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  1. My PC crashed this morning. I have spent the day recovering my system set up and data stores. However, I have lost my discjuggler set up details, the one thta tells me how to burn cdi files for dreamcast in said program - has anyone got the burn set up details, or a site link thta holds them?

  2. Dreamcast: MSR - again. I love the game I just cannot get enough. I still have not purchased Project Gotham Racing as there is still a few more seconds to be shaved and kudos points earned in the first title.


    I am desperately trying to get hold of Space channel 5 as well, though clearly not playing it.


    X-box: Tiger Woods 2004. A mate of mine works for a games magazine, and I have been playing it for week and weeks. II think it was released (UK) yesterday, so I have slightly lost my interest.


    Soul Calibur 2 (work).


    PS2: GT 3 as ever. Soul Calibur 2(work).


    Gamecube: Animal Crossing. Soul Calibur 2 (work).


    PC. Half Life 2. Not the full game of course, but my flat mate had a copy from work, which we loaded up. Its maps, weapons and a few testing tools. Of the maps that are complete I can say one thing: ACE!

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