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  1. If he gets it right, what we saw in E3 is certainly going to take the series into its best iteration and perhaps into another type of gaming experience. Sounds like hyperbole but Metal Gear into he jungle sounds fantastic.


    I must say and scandalous as it sounds that when Metal Gear made its 3d debut on PSX I was under whelmed. The idea behind Tenchu - which preceded MG in the UK - suited the gameplaying mechanic in a far superior fashion (maybe it was the romantic connotations) - despite not being as original in conception.

  2. Personally I thought it was excellent. I especially liked how much attention to detail there was with the title. It did everything it needed to do, and then threw in a great multiplayer (1 cart) option. Probably the only time we will see such an excellent title not being completely milked by Nintendo.


    I was always a fan of the tight control offered by the 2d versions of the series and the problem which blighted the N64 version, and now sadly the Gamecube version is probably related to how Nintendo have interpreted the 3d aspect. Hey, I still have loads to play in Animal Crossing so Nintendo are not all bad I guess.

  3. Mario kart Vs Mariokart64. We all have our favorites yet I think there was a hope that the new version - 'Double Dash' was going to come along and make the point moot. It doesn't. I had a long bash at some playable code and it really is a disappointment. I think it has tried some very brilliant ideas, that may well revolutionise multiplayer, but once again they have destroyed the one player mechanics. It feels sluggish and… spongy. I know it is early days, but not really that early. I hope some play testers step up to the plate and set the coders ‘right’ on the ‘feel’.


    P>S. The snes version is bestest :lol:



  4. There are too many endings to count and u can waste a lot of time just getting them all.
    I used to be a lot more like that; wanting to complete a game 100%. Now I tend to have less patience, once the narrative is revealed. I think FF7 was the last game I completed every possible aspect of. I guess perhaps I had more time, less money and no girlfriend. As time become a commodity you have to trade with a partner, your attention to gaming minutiae becomes lessened.


    Games like Mario Kart I still pick up today and have a big session, trying to knock down those times, shave a corner here. Even the multiplayer is not too behind the times to play. Multi player Halo/Goldeneye being slightly more engaging nowadays, but not by much.

  5. I understood in a literal sense, but not in a critical or political one.He must think that no critical analysis was bought to use when the assessments were made. Which is merely foolish.


    Propaganda is a two way deal. My only contention with the war is that it was not conducted by the rule of law, which makes a mockery of all that was put in place after WW2. Rules are there for a reason, not to help powerful states enforce there own agendas. With such attitudes adopted by the UK and the US we have no hope of seeing an end to one extremist group or another conducting terrorist campaigns.

  6. we didnt kill iquais thru sections sadam did he didnt let the keruds have the aid we gave them (well techiqilly he did but they had to come down  from their stronghlod in the mountains and he would have killed them)


    plus sadam was the master of propaganda, he used to keep all the badies he had staved to death and then pardade the funels all toghter to say "this is how many babies the west have killed in a week"


    clever guy but all the sick f*ck are :wink:

    I can't work out quite a lot of what you mean and/or are suggesting.

  7. Well, the reason Bush was so persistent on the fact that they had weapons of mass destruction was because the Iraqis wouldnt let our inspectors in.  If they didnt have weapons of mass destruction, why would they refuse to allow inspectors in?  Plus, its always better safe than sorry :wink:  Least, thats what I heard.
    [pedaant] The UN removed their inspectors, as opposed to Iraq kicking them out[/pedant] the de facto situation may have been different, but those are the facts.


    It might be quite interesting to note, that despite Saddam's horrific regime we have actually managed to kill more Iraqi's through sanctions than Saddam ever managed to kill off using weapons we sold him. (these are UN figures of course - don't know how you American boys feel about that organization now though).


    Whilst it is great that Saddam was de bunked I feel that as we breached international law (In UK we did) we have done more to destabilise the Middle East than had we used more subtle methods. I find it interesting that Bush has

    Struck a blow for democracy
    when it was his dad that reinstalled the dictator that Saddam defeated in Kuwait in 1990. It is often forgotten that we reinstalled a dictator in Kuwait. Convenient world wide politics.


    The ramifications, over what might be the long term. Is other regimes starting conflicts under the banner of National Security. We have seen Israel step up attacks in the West Bank (breaching over 50 UN resolutions mind) on the back of the same policy that was adopted by my Prime Minister and your President. This could become a worrying trend.

  8. Oh yeah, Can't Forget Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
    I could forget that, but that is only because despite it's relative expense it only got a big mention in the media due to it's affect on the bottom line of the company that developed it.


    What a risky venture that was, I feel that developing the Final Fantasy Unlimited franchise might have been a better idea, then perhaps design a game within that world. An even better idea might well have been to have farmed production and development to an established studio, it would have been a commercial decision that might well have produced a stable film rather than a flop which all but crushed there film making ambition - tsk... they should give me a job really.


    became stupid as it progressed
    became? I guess it could be said that it worsened, but it still started at poor and declined from there. It was so dire I never even finished watching it - not quite as bad as John Q, it is a close run thing though.


    I have never seen the Double dragon movie, or at least I do not remember it.

  9. without my musical instruments
    Playing music is very diffrent to listening too it, or watching TV. Active over passive is a life style question rather than prefrence, perhaps! Adding to that however, I must confess to only being able to play a splash of piano and a few tunes on guitar.

  10. Hey what do you guys think of the Mario bros movie that was made 8 years ago. Dennis Hopper was in there and I thought it was alright.
    Have you read anything in this post? Why did you think it was alright?
    i think the best attempt at a video game based movie, would probably be resident evil
    Now that was an interesting film that was actually quite well executed but was slightly spoilt by a few too many clichés and poor performances.


    I think a large part of the trouble with films, like RE, is that the actors seem to have problems taking it seriously. To take a good example of fantasy acting, such as Reign of Fire and compare it you would see the glaring acting differentials in actors and the way they play the roles. I think that has always been a blight of Fantasy and Comic book and therefore Gaming titles (although most have budget/script and production problems as well). Strangely many Sci-fi films have not gone the same, perhaps because sci fi has an academic acceptability that fantasy lacks.

  11. Todays music sucks..... plus you cant get over 100 channels for both using sight and hearing. Watch TV definately.
    I'll make the presumption that you are not in the UK then. I have a grand total of 4 channels and would pick a good book over TV or Music, I would also choose film over them as well.
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