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  1. yah.. ill stick to the soft mod as i don't wanna mess around with my xbox to much... whats a good site for one of the better if not the best soft mod thingy?
  2. hmm.. what are you neorage settings? like interpolation.. or do you use scanlines? or some other configuration.. or do you use uni-bios instead of ther original ones? ya i have the bios in the roms folder but it still says there missing
  3. soft mod? like so i don't have to open my xbox up and mess with its innards? casue i want to avoid that if at all possible... even if its somone else doing it.
  4. i run win xp home, and ive tried.6b and the newer neoragexp.8b and they both save borked shots as you put it oh and ya ive tried putting the bios every where to no avail
  5. Wanting to get onto the animated gifs scene i read the tutorial on ripping from the various emulatros, which was posted by one of you nice people. for neo geo they used kawaks, but all my neo geo roms appear to be for the neoRagex as they don't apear when i scan for them. I tried nebula and they show up on the list but after loading for a bit it says missing ng-lo.rom and stuff like that. I know i have them, ive put all those files into the roms folder and in file called neogeo.zip ive even tried putting them into each roms zip, but it still fails to load them. I was about to quit when i found the shots factory on my NeoRagex and it has all the features needed plus i can actually get all my games to work in it. Now when i take pics useing the shots factory the photos show up all distorted and messed up... but when i take a normal snap shot while in game it shows up in the folder fine. Anybody else have/had this problem? or how to fix it?
  6. Do you need to get your xbox moded? or is it anything like running emus on a dreamcast in that you just burn the emu files and roms to a Cd and then just pop it into ur system and then your done? no mod needed.
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