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  1. That could be; I have noticed a cpu temp 10ยบ C up. Speed pig is like Nvidia tools program, isn't it? Programs like Nvidia tools or Clockgen allowed you to change fbs, agp and pci values from windows. I've tested chankast +Speed Pig with Sisandra and Cpuid; neither gives me a change of processor speed, but my fsb changes from 205 till 209. That's strange, changes the fsb but not the computer speed. Then i've to be careful,my computer is water cooling but already working near its limit
  2. I have tried it. Chankast with Speed Pig running Metropolis street racer + Pcsx2 0.6 running Street fighter ex3=> memory usage 508 mb. pcsx2 =4.75fps. If only pcsx2 is running fps=3.75. Less is nothing...
  3. Uh? Does it speed up all the pc? Really? I haven't noticed.. I 've to do some test then... I've tested it. Speed pig only works in Chankast. It would be great in other emulators
  4. Ey! the speed Pig is a good thing! It's impressive how works chankast with it!! In my computer (amd2800@3200) the frame rate becomes double with that. My question is: could Speed Pig be ported to other emulators (i am thinking on Pcsx2) to gain speed? Thanks for read this!
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