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  1. Ok x) Hey, I have a question and I don't feel that there's a need for a single thread just for that. I have my roms in two folders: parents and clones. Is it possible for final burn legends to sort my roms in parents and clones? Some option to show and hide clones?
  2. Xraine is the neo geo CD emulator? I'm using Neo Geo SDL Unleashed. Is Xraine any better?
  3. Agreed. When you reach some maturity, I mean, past 25, some happenings just impresses you on "how can someone do that". I'm still very impressed but in the other hand you don't care the same way you would back then.
  4. I'm not up to the task but I read somewhere that FBL have a public source code. So all you would need would be the XBOX SDK to resign the packages.
  5. I deleted CoinOps. I just don't care anymore. CoinOps is just a mess. Look at the folder structure, the illogical roms placement, the absurd locks. The only thing that this thing has is Mameox+final burn in a single station. (btw, this could be easily implemented in final burn legends - A starts the game with FB core and start starts the game with mameox core). The discussion I had with BP was just beyond a human being with a preserved thinking could have. I believe everyone knows by now but I'll post more or less what happened. Everyone can't change the games in CoinOps because BP had a fight with someone in a forum that I don't even know. According to his posts he's trying to prove he's a better coder/man/teenager improving "locks" in CoinOps because someone removed those locks before he did. So bottom line, I'll give it a bold: You can't play Fatal Fury if you delete Sonic the Hedgehog because BritneysPAIR had a fight with his friend. Does it make any sense? I've visited asylums all my life for personal reasons and I can assure you, I had more logical discussions with clinical insane people them this and I can almost say that this guy is completely insane to avoid saying completely stupid.
  6. So I added both roms to the rom file dir and with no surprise they didn't show up. What are the files used by the emulator to check for the files so I can add both games myself?
  7. Just an update, I'm with 8000+ fake games now and it still send me back to the menu. I guess BP messed up with some part of his "code". Well, that was my last shot, it didn't work so I'm out no more CoinOps for me.
  8. Here's the script and the file list, if you want more files just add more at the x.txt file http://www.multiupload.nl/1I2AKFMLM9 Enjoy your CoinOps back.
  9. Ok, made it. This is the script: @echo off for /f "tokens=*" %%l in (x.txt) do @type nul>> "%%l.zip" You will need an x.txt file with all the game list. That's it. It will create all the files for you with 0 bytes. =)))
  10. Ok, I understand. My question is: If I get FBL 1.7 (for example) and add in the rom folder Treasure of the Caribbean and Bang Bang Busters. Would it show in the game list or it would only show the games in a "good games list"?
  11. Since this thread is about unlocking the CoinOps and not don't caring about the Coin Ops, it would be awesome if someone could upload the batch file. I know how to do it but I have no idea how to make it automatic. I would have to paste and copy every single game name in the script. So if anyone can create the batch file it would be awesome for everybody. EDIT: command to create empty zip files on DOS is echo. 2>file.zip. So we have the game list, we have the command now we need a way to automatically add echo. 2> before the game name and .zip after
  12. I bet the line of code that rules on is in the beginning of MAMEoX.xbe. The "approved rom list" is in there. You can see it with any hex editor. The shit part is that most of the functions inside a xbe file are not visible this way. You need IDA Pro and that famous FLIRT file. I bet that it would be an very elementary function If game count <= 3000 then STOP. 2 lines of code. If anyone could look that in IDA Pro they could point the offset, we could search the HEX value that even if we can't see, we can alter.
  13. Tried this method with CoinOps 4 R8. Deleted everything, now there's a acade333 folder in UDATA/TDATA. There's a udata and tdata folder too. Replaced everything with the given files but it didn't work =/ Keep showing 1660 games on my list and I can't play the games. I'm really considering moving to Final Burn Legends for the simple reason that it makes sense. I can't remember in my entire live on the web something like an emulator with "locks"! Imagine if you wanted to play Super Mario World on your Zsnes but you need, back in the 56k days, to download the entire SNES and Genesis library, or else Super Mario would not work. That's how CoinOps works. I can't play Fatal Fury because I've deleted Sonic the Hedgehog. This is beyond reason, beyond logic. I have no words for this.
  14. Hey +T+ do you release somewhere a Final Burn Legends build? I mean ready with games and videos? One more thing does FBL loads games based on a static list or I can add my own mame build? I really would like to play Bang Bang Busters and Treasure of the Caribbean with FBL.
  15. To everyone involved?! Thanks goes exclusive to Tonk from Neo-Geo.com Anyway, did you actually played this game in CoinOps? You just added them, asked for a new scan and they showed up? Do you already have any video? Does it show under NeoGeo category?
  16. Thank you once again =)) I saw somewhere on the web this: put Xbox hardware filter in POINT FILTERING Where can I find this setting? Is it specific for some kind of emulator?
  17. Thank you for your reply. When you say all those options will be in the video settings you mean: emulator video settings? unleashX video setting? MS dashboard video setting?
  18. Hey, I was searching over at googles and this thread showed up. What's that hardware filter you are talking about? The thing is, I have a Neo Geo CDZ, a Neo Geo AES and a consolized NeoGeo MVS and comparing the graphics with the original hardware Xbox don't look right. My TV can only take s-video and it's CRT. I'm feeding the same TV with s-video from the neo geo mvs/aes and the xbox. The xbox seems to loose a few details on the picture it doesn't look sharp enough. I'm using the advanced HD pack with s-video for my TV. The other thing is the flickering filter, I need to set it to 5 for a steady picture, 0 is like "reading on the bus", is that common for everyone? Which settings and which extra hardware do you guys recommend to make the xbox looks the most closer as possible to the original NeoGeo?
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