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  1. If you want to see the new games select the sort by type option and then scroll to "added game" and that will show all the new games and any games you have added, however you will be able to tell which are the new ones as they have nice videos
  2. Nice Find Also their videos of classic FPS shooters on the XBOX is kinda cool http://www.digthatbox.com/2011.02.27_arch.html#1298943709066
  3. @ BP Just thought I would pop in and say thanks, I now have all of my N64 titles running in HD. It didnt take you long once we where testing and feeding back in realtime Great product. Will get that list of Tested games to you tomorrow as promised
  4. which skin are you using and I can show how to do it, there is a small icon (with the script, shutdown icons) that allows you to play from the DVDrom.
  5. Hello BP I have tried the new builds but still 480. I think its on the right track though as Banjo Kazooie does change to 720P then just as the Nintendo logo comes on it jumps back to 480 Have added you to My IM
  6. And so ...he beats Surreal Team with 720p....... So the fact I CAN play Pilotwings in glorious 720P doesnt count. mmmm picky
  7. Only 480i ? Welcome to the "Xtra team" by the way ! MMM there we go with the prodding again. (sigh)
  8. Well it was ticked and now the games are playable, but other than Pilotwings they all display at 480i but on the bright side at least I can play them now, and no doubt it will get fixed soon and I can play them in 720P
  9. Been a subscriber since about issue 34 and it is an absolute must for anyone into the emulation scene really. you can get compilations of it also from the website that emcompass a lot of the best articles. they also have an active gaming forum over there as well http://www.retrogamer.net/
  10. i would be glad to help, I will check that the 480P is unchecked in XBMC (I`m 100% sure it is ticked) so shoot me over your IM (skype/msn whatever) and we will get it nailed I`m sure
  11. No one says that.....his work is admirable....but HE is some kind of strange paranoid guy. Look how he gets mad when people are just asking for a .dat.....at least he makes me laugh everytime im reading his posts (sometimes, i even think than BP is just a fictionnal character created by someone.....because all his posts are so..... lol , how can i say that ? ^^ Well that maybe but the amount of stick you guys give him it basically amounts to bullying, I would have thought you would have all left that in the schoolyard (or are some of you really only that old!!!) I dont see any reason to keep on prodding the angry bear with a new stick every couple of posts. It has to be really counterproductive for both sides. sit back and ask yourselves what has actually been achieved by this war of words. My guess is nothing. Let him get on with his own thing and you get on with yours unless yours is trying to put people off contributing massivly to what is a reducing Xbox scene. Yes people asked for a .dat file and he said no. End of. anybody could have gone and done what bigby did and create their own. And If anyone wants to see whats been added between builds just compare the supported game lists. I`m not coming down on any ones side in this but basically trying to inject some common sense.
  12. Hello BP I have downloaded CoinOps2 and it is a great piece of work (despite what other people try to tell you). I have been playing with the N64 stuff and am having some issues. I have tried all of the packaged games and only Pilotwings 64 runs in HD (it looks super clean). The other titles all look corrupt (see screenshots of Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong racing). All of the other titles did this. I have copied across the N64 V3 files and it is still the same. Hopefully I`m doing something stupid and its and easy fix. I am open to testing anything Just for clarification It is the full release of CoinOps2 and is completely as nature intended (or at least you) with nothing removed.
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