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  1. yamazaki kicks all there a$$ s believe me if only they had online play then you all would see
  2. the best character in kof is ryuji yamazaki
  3. i so wish that shenmue was available on emulation so i could play it on my pc can i get a AMAN
  4. It would have 2 be Shenmue the most incredable game ever the graphics were off the wall who else agrees with me
  5. could that be whats wrong with my Samurai showdown 5...the crc s or dat file are jacked up
  6. i just want to know how big of file this game is and what are the computer specs needed to run the game
  7. hum i give up on this one to i'll stick to my kof 2003 mame game thanks 4 the help anyway
  8. ok i'll try them both the neo geo bios and mame bios because the game was located under the mame section so i'll see whats what
  9. help me my ss5 doesnt work at all i am guessing its for mame 32 it doesnt show up on the refreshed list the drag and drop dont work either i used it for the egcg neo geo emulater i get the stupid message unable to load neo geo bios rom help me if u can
  10. can some one give me some ftp sites with n64 roms in it..unable to find the hidden ninjas
  11. Nope nothing helped it also freezes sometimes. is there a nother good n64 emulater other then project64
  12. not much luck going 2 look 4 more audio plug-ins for project 64
  13. im using project 64 1.5 my pc specs are as follows:Emachines 2800 processor 120 GB hard drive 512 mb sdram with nvivia ge gorce
  14. Its not that serious but the sound is a little off from the game and i noticed some choppy ness in the graphics when i play 007 can any1 help me or have a solution
  15. If only it was that easy i give up no1 knows
  16. both svc plus and samurai showdown say(after dragging it to egcg neo geo rom) unable to load system neogeo bios rom Neo-Geo.rom I need help want 2 play game now Can som1 guide me through the process
  17. now my Samurai Showdown 5 doesnt work what a supprise that is
  18. Still doesnt work mad and upset stupid svc chaos
  19. My stupid Snk vs capcom doesnt work i tried the Neo geo rom (neo geo ragex 09) i tried the mame32 doesnt work...the neo geo rom says unable to load program code....Whats wrong some1 help....can someone download it and see if it works for them its from that ftp site posted in the ftp section.......svc is in the mame section
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